Yxlan is an island in the Stockholm archipelago, which lies between Furusund and Blido in Blido parish in Norrtalje municipality, Stockholm County,Sweden.

Yxlan is mentioned in King Waldemar’s 13th century sailing route called  Øslæ. At that time, Yxlan was made up of several islands and the mentioned name probably refers only to the village of Yxlan and not to the present island.

It is basically an island covered with trees and about 15 kilometers long. In the north of the island, near Kopmanholm, is a school. The island is accessible from the mainland through ferries.

Today, Kopmanholm is visited every year by many   tourist boat and Yxlan is popular destination ,there are also many holiday homes and in summer the population is increasing substantially.

Access : Coordinates: 59.616667, 18.85 / It can be reached by ferry from Furusund Island connected to the mainland by bridges. There is also a ferry connection with Yxlan to the neighboring island of Blido.
/ By car you drive E 18 north to Norrtalje. There, you depart just before the entrance to Norrtalje and drive 276 south towards Furusund. At Penningby take the left towards Furusund and take road 278 to Furusund where the ferry departs to Yxlan.

The road ferry runs every half hour to 9 pm, at other times call tel 0176-801 80.

Bus 676 from the Technical University to Norrtalje. There switch to 632 to Yxlan. By bus 634 you can then get to Kopmanholm.

Highlights :

  • A labyrinth made of stones can be found at Yxlan’s northeastern tip.
  • On the northeast side of Yxlan is a bath where you look out to the free sea over Graskofjarden
  •  There is a guest harbor with a total of 60 boat seats, toilets, showers and sauna at Furusund. And a nice sea bath on Yxlan’s northeast side towards Graskofjarden
  •  the villages : Yxlo is Yxlan’s oldest village, during the Viking Age and until the 16th century, Yxlomaren constituted a disillusioned until the village / Alsvik is a village on Yxlan /  Vagnsunda is a town on the southern end of the island of Yxlan / Kopmanholm is a small town on the northern part of the island of Yxlan in Stockholm’s northern archipelago / Kolsvik is a village on Yxlan / Hamnviken

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / The opportunities for fishing, swimming, and walking are great in these areas.

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