Geyzernoye Lake

Geyzernoye Lake – Geyser Lake (Blue Lake, Silver Lake) near the village of Aktash is located on the 796 km of the Chuisky tract in the Altai Mountains ( Altai Republic , in the West Siberia region of Asian Russia

The depth of the lake is about two meters, the diameter is about 25-30 meters. A fairly large stream flows into the lake. Geyser Lake is one of a kind – rare in beauty, clean, non-freezing even in winter. It is always open in space “earthly eyes” amazing turquoise color. On the lake’s mirror one can see round or oval-shaped divorces, which in essence are only a reflection of the processes occurring at the bottom of the lake. There, in mysterious depths, from time to time “geysers” come to life, throwing to the surface a mixture of bluish clay and sand, which form visible concentric circles at the bottom of the lake. You may be the lucky one who will be present during the “eruption” and captures what is happening on the camera.
In the area of the Geyzernoye Lake there is a recreation center “Mena”, “Little Paradise”, “Red Lys”, “Zlatogorye”, “Chui Valley”. You can also stop at the camps of Aktash.
To date, the origin of the Geyser Lake and its age have not been established. Such reservoirs are found in the Yellowstone Reserve USA, but there their presence is due to volcanic activity. Here, on the Kurai Range of Altai, there are no volcanoes.
Tourist season and useful information
The season of visiting the Geyzernoye Lake is limited, first of all, by the rather severe climate of Gorny Altai: here is a short summer and a cold winter.

Access : Coordinates: 50.289196, 87.667168 / Location : To get to the Geyserny Lake, you need to get to the village of Aktash, which is located on the 788th kilometer of the Chuisky highway connecting Novosibirsk, Biysk and the border with Mongolia. The main settlements on the way from Biysk to Aktash are: Srostki, Mayma, Manzherok, Ust-Sema, Shebalino, Ongudai, Inya. from the village of Aktash towards Kosh-Agach you need to drive about another 7-8 km (796 km of the M-52 highway). From the “Little Paradise” base follow the signs to follow the eco-path to the lake.

Entrance Fee : The entrance to the territory is 50 rubles for adults, a parking lot is nearby, a bridge of logs goes to the forest.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / swiming / rafting / fishing

Nearby Attractions : the nature monument “Red Gate” / Cheybekkel or “Dead Lake” / Ular waterfalls / Oroy Bridge

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