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HomenewsHow much does one night cost via Airbnb in each country

How much does one night cost via Airbnb in each country

While local communities and agencies around the world are trying to assess the damage caused by the “tax-free” home-sharing practice in the revenue and the hotel industry, Airbnb continues to win the preferences of travelers now having become a precious travel companion for every escape. Despite the economies of scale, however, it is difficult to calculate the cost of staying, as prices per city are fluctuating. However, if you look at the map below, it comes to a general conclusion: the more west and north the more expensive it is to stay even for Airbnb’s accommodations.

According to a survey conducted by Vouchercloud on the average cost of overnight accommodation of Airbnb’s accommodation in European countries in 2017, Iceland’s average precision is kept at 129 euros and Sweden (94 euros). Albania (31 euros) and Macedonia (30 euros) are the cheapest options for every tourist.
The trio of the most expensive destinations is Andorra (91 euros), which along with Norway (89 euros) and the United Kingdom (86 euros) are the five most expensive destinations of the old Albion.

The top ten countries are complemented by neighboring countries such as Denmark (84 euros), Finland (82 euros), the Netherlands (81 euros) and Ireland (78 euros) with the sole exception of  Cyprus, which has an average overnight stay at 83 euros.

As far as the financial destinations are concerned in terms of accommodation via Airbnb, the five are mainly Balkan countries. Specifically, FYROM, Albania and Moldova are followed by Moldova, Kosovo and Serbia with an average stay of 32 and 35 euros, respectively.



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