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Huay Mae Kamin waterfall

Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall located within the area of Srinakarin Dam National Park Kanchanaburi,Thailand.

It is a waterfall that flows from the headwaters of the Kala Mountains, sure enough. to the east of the park and flows down into the Srinakarin Dam Reservoir. The waterfall  flow down 7 levels , each layer is beautiful in a different way.
From the first waterfall to the fourth level, there is a distance of 300-750 meters, There will be a distance of more than 1 kilometer, with each level having a different name, starting from Dong Wan, Man Khamin, Wang Pha, Chat Kaeo, Lai until Long, Dong Phi Suea, Rom Klao.
The park covers 1,532.00 km around the Srinagar Water Reservoir, in the Sai Yok, Si Sawat and Thong Pha Phum areas, 90 km northwest of Kanchanaburi.
Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall Located in the middle of the Srinakarin Dam National Park area. There are 7 levels of cascades, so they are beautiful in different ways until it is known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kanchanaburi.

Access : Coordinates: / Address : Srinakarin Dam National Park Tha Kradan Subdistrict Si Sawat District Kanchanaburi.

Highlights :

  • Each level has a different name: Level 1 Dong Wan, Level 2 Man Khamin, Level 3 Wang Na, Level 4 Chat Kaeo, Level 5 Lai Chan Long, Level 6 Dong Phi Sue, Level 7, Rom Klao.
  • The park is home to: Indochina tiger, Asian elephant, white-tailed gibbon, woodpecker, Indian woodpecker, Trachypithecus phayrei, etc., many birds are found: jugularis) , Lonchura punctulata  and others.
  • Open for viewing: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. / Admission: Thai people, adults 100 baht, children 50 baht, foreign adults 300 baht, children 200 baht.

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