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HomenewsThe lonely travels the new trend in tourism

The lonely travels the new trend in tourism

Not only is the longevity trend growing more and more in recent years, but also that of the traveler, an English solo traveler. As Google searches, “individual” or “loneliness” is showing more and more often in the results, so often travel agencies are building more and more products that appeal to people who travel alone. According to statistics, the increase in individual passengers on group trips ranges to 40% over the last five years, mainly to Asian countries.

Indeed, lonely travelers are growing so much they are taken into account in the formation of new packages and destinations. According to a report on the Canadian market, they have overtaken the predominant category of family travelers, which has fallen to 26.5% from the 31.5% previously.

Many are also the countries where an increasing number of women live on their own, in the case of Canada they have reached 53.7% more than these men. Apart from Canada, however, individual residence and lonely travel have become a global trend. According to OnePoll survey, for the sake of Intrepid Travel, in a sample of 1,000 people, 41% of the respondents have traveled alone, while 71% of them consider that lonely travel is the new trend in the tourism industry.

The world’s largest adventure travel company, launched in 1988 by two Australian friends who have inspired holiday packages from their own experiences today, sell about 150,000 single-passenger trips per year for 1,000 different tours in more than 100 countries. In the same direction, Transat will expand its Solo Collection in 2018, removing single charges and generating shared tables for shared meals. At the same time, Saga Cruise in the UK manufactures 109 cabins in its new ship in 2019.



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