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Tasiilaq   is a town in the Sermersooq municipality in southeastern Greenland  Tasiilaq is the largest city on the eastern coast ,  Tasiilaq means “the place with a lake” (because of the shape of the fjord).

Tasiilaq is located in the south of the Ammassalik  on the west bank of the Kong Oscars Havn, a bay, which is also called in Greenland Tasiilaq. The place name is the East Greenlandic form of Tasiusaq, which means translated as an inland lake and refers to the location of a sheltered bay with narrow inlet as in the West Greenland villages of Tasiusaq (Nanortalik) and Tasiusaq (Upernavik). The nearest inhabited place is Kulusuk 21 km east on the other side of the Ammassaliip Kangertiva.

The region was populated by Alaskan Saqqaq culture approximately 4,500 years ago, and some 2,600 years ago by members of the Dorset culture.
Danish naval officer Gustav Holm led a boat expedition in 1884, was the first expedition into the area around Tasiilaq. He found here 413 Tunumiit.
Today….Tasiilaq It is the largest town on the east coast with a population of about 2,017 (2013) and is one of the fastest-growing towns in Greenland. There is a bar near the harbor and another at the Angmagssalik hotel. There is also a night club called “Klubben” near the Valley of Flowers.
Greenland is the great adventure of the northern hemisphere and yet suitable for all audiences. Immerse yourself in different cultures and landscapes – and open yourself to a new world view , and active journey through southern Greenland , The 1,500 meter vertical rock walls in the Tasermiut Fjord, a trekking over the glacier or the bath in the Uunartoq hot springs surrounded by icebergs , touring some of the most beautiful and spectacular places in the Arctic , experience the Inuit and Viking cultures.  Experience :  Kayaking  between icebergs , Northern Lights (since mid-August), polar fauna, the beautiful cities of the south visible a thousand years later in the idyllic farming villages of Qassiarsuk and Igaliku, areas recently declared Heritage of Humanity for UNESCO, they will surprise us on this complete and active journey.

Access : Coordinates: 65.613611-37.631111 /  the  town of Greenland is only 100 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, so snowfall and weather are really extreme, especially during winter.
flights departing from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik to Kulusuk, from where you will be transferred by helicopter to Tasiilak , you can book your flight with Air Greenland./

Highlights :

  •  Ammassalik Museum ,close to the harbour , The permanent exhibition in the former church consists of items such as East Greenlandic masks, old and new tupilak figures, a number of busts by sculptor Eigil Knuth and various works by local artists.East Greenlandic kayaks, sleds and other utility items which, in keeping with East Greenlandic tradition.
    The permanent exhibition in the former church is open all year round.The museum itself is housed in an old church, dating back to 1903 – making it one of the oldest buildings in Tasiilaq
  •  cruise in Greenland , begin or end your cruise in Kangerlussuaq, at the bottom of a long, narrow fjord close to the Ice Cap which is an essential place to visit from Kangerlussuaq.
  •  Mittivakkat Glacier , he Mittivakkat Glacier is located in southeast Greenland, and is part of the largest ice field on Ammassalik Island.Sermilik Station dedicated to the research of the Mittivakkat Glacier
  •  winter adventures , dog sledding, skiing, heliskiing and snowmobiling.
  •  Arctic Circle Trail , The 160 km long Arctic Circle Trail is the ultimate way to explore Greenland’s unique and extraordinary backcountry , a journey of 100 miles’ (or 160 km)
  •  cross country ski , navigate to winter landscapes through cross country ski trails,the adventurous spirits looking to explore the mountains and valleys of Greenland.
  •  Explore Inuit culture , clothing tradition leading right up to today with our colorful national costumes and the winter clothing used by the hunters in Northern Greenland, the kayak is a national symbol in Greenland and the vessel plays an important role as a living part of our cultural history,
  • Greenlandic food is often smoked, dried, or salted, and served with special sauces, A important cultural experience and tradition of the Inuit. A Kaffemik is a social occasion where a person’s house is open to the public,
  • experience the midnight sun,North of the Arctic Circle you can experience the midnight sun,until the end of July in Ilulissat,daily arrivals in towns and settlements by local tours.
  • Explore the Ilulissat Icefjord , This icefjord, one of the northernmost UNESCO World Heritage Sites, The Ilulissat Icefjord, It reaches 6 km wide and approximately 55 km long,
  • The northern lights or the Aurora Borealis is one of the great surprises of the Arctic night, and you can experience this multicoloured light show from September to April.
  • Sermilik ice fjord , The Sermilik fjord is fed by a number of larger and smaller glaciers in the area.
  • Hiking : Hiking to the Valley of Flowers , Trip length: 4 – 5 hours , A walk along the valley of flowers is a wonderful idea to to discover the diversity of Greenland’s flora.

Activities : Hunting and fishing tours /  skiing, fishing and other boat tours / Helicopter tours, boat rides, dog sledding / Kayak /
/ iceberg watching boat tours / alpine climbing / whale watching /  Greenland Photo Tours /  coastal sailings / Summer Safari / biking experiences / cross country ski /
/ guided sightseeing / Boat Tours: Sermilik ice fjord /

Events : Arctic Circle Race , Arctic Circle Race is a 160 kilometer-long adventure type, cross-country race in Sisimiut. The Race is known as the world’s toughest cross-country race.

Go next : Kulusuk – Village of the area where the airport is located /  Ittoqqortoormiit  /  Southern Greenland  / Iceland – Iceland and its capital Reykjavik are not very far by plane from Kulusuk



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