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Frias Castle

The Frías Castle, ( Castillo de los Duques de Frías ) officially the castle of the dukes of Frías and also called the castle of the Velasco, is located in the town of Frías in the north of the province of Burgos in Castilla y León (Spain).

The castle is built on the top of La Muela hill and a small village was built around it.
From its privileged position it controls the Tobalina Valley and the passage of the river Ebro. This is one of the main routes that have historically linked the Castilian plateau with the Cantabrian cornice.
The current ensemble is made up of a mixture of constructions from different centuries: XII, XIII, XV and XVI.It is considered one of the most spectacular rock castles in Castile.

Access : Coordinates: 42.761389, -3.294167 / Frías is a municipality and city in Spain, north of the province of Burgos, autonomous community of Castilla y León.

Highlights :

  • The homage tower rises independently of the rest of the building. It has a polygonal floor plan and is built of masonry. The tower joins the rest of the castle by a narrow staircase.
  • The Clock Tower : In the south tower of the wall of the east façade, which is above the town center, a clock with a bell was placed around the 16th or 17th century for the service of the citizens. Today, the clock inside the tower dates from the 17th century and the service, which continues to be provided, is carried out with an electric clock. This cylindrical tower is located at the opposite end in relation to the homage tower.
  • The castle of Frías It is protected as Spanish Historical Heritage.

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