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Gamla stan

Gamla stan ( “the old town”) is the old town of the Swedish capital Stockholm, located on the island of Stadsholmen.

Gamla stan taking shape in the 13th century and is currently made up of cobbled streets and medieval-style alleys. The first inhabitants of the city were of German descent, and the architecture of Gamla stan bears their influence. Numerous shops are located here, as well as the old building of the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Börshuset) and the headquarters of the Swedish Academy. The Stockholm Bloodbath took place here in 1520, when members of the Swedish nobility were executed on the orders of the Danish King Christian II. The following rebellion concluded with the signing of the end of the Kalmar Union and the beginning of the Vasa dynasty.

The picturesque square located in the center of Gamla stan is called Stortorget. It has many shops on its sides, as well as the old building of the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Börshuset), seat of the Swedish Academy. Its houses with tall and narrow facades, painted in ocher or red, testify to the past German presence.
The last twenty years it has become an important tourist destination, thanks to the charm of its medieval and Renaissance-style architecture.

Access : Coordinates: 59.32518.070833 / 

Highlights :

  • Gamla stan is home to numerous historical, religious and cultural buildings, such as the Nobel Museum, Riddarhuset or House of Nobility, Stockholm Cathedral, the German Church of Stockholm, but above all the Royal Palace, built in the 18th century on the ruins of the previous palace that was destroyed in a fire.
  • A statue of Saint George  crushing the dragon, made by Bernt Notke, stands nearby in the cathedral. Riddarholm Church or Riddarholmskyrkan is the burial church of the Swedish monarch.
  • Several streets cross the old town, the most important of which are Stora Nygatan, Österlånggatan, Västerlånggatan (which can be translated as “long western street”) and Tyska Brinken (which means “German hill”)
  • The island of Gamla Stan ( With the smaller islands Helgeandsholmen and Riddarholmen )  is easily accessible by private and public transport. The Gröna and Röda linjen of the Stockholm metro stop at Gamla stan station. Furthermore, various bus lines drive across the island and have stops there. The island can be reached by private transport as well as via the Vasabron, Norrbro and Strömbron from the direction of Norrmalm. From Södermalm you can reach Gamla Stan via the Slussen junction. The Centralbron bridge crosses the island, but has no access or exit there.
  • Top sights in Gamla stan : Stockholm Cathedral , Trångsund 1 / Museum of Medieval Stockholm / Galleri Cobra / Forum för levande historia. / Järnpojke , A 1967 statue / Jewish Museum, Själagårdsgatan 19 / Uppland Runic Inscription 53, Kåkbrinken 1 / The House of Nobility / Swedish Parliament / Postmuseum. Sweden’s only postal museum / Nobel Museum / Stortorget. Stockholm’s oldest square / Parliament’s democracy exhibition / The Royal Guards / The Royal Armoury / Slottsbacken. The obelisk was erected by King Gustav III / Christina Gyllenstierna statue / Royal Palace : Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities , The Royal Apartments, the Tre Kronor Museum,the Treasury / German Church, Svartmangatan 16A / Riddarholmen Church.

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