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Kallur Lighthouse , Kalsoy , Faroe Islands

Kallur Lighthouse is located on the island of Kalsoy in the Faroe Islands,The lighthouse is located in the far north of the island of Kalsoy. Kalsoy has less than 200 inhabitants and you can only get there by taking ferry # 56 from Klaksvik.

A simple red and white lighthouse rises in the northern part of the island of Kalsoy and guides ships around the patches of land that rise from the Atlantic Ocean and form the Faroe Islands. Picturesque views around the lighthouse invite tourists to enjoy the local beauties.
In addition to the magnificent views, its northern part is also considered a popular area for watching seabirds: Atlantic puffins, straight-tailed storm-petrels and guillemots come to breed on the rocks. At the Kallur lighthouse on the northern tip of the island, there is a natural sea arch and picturesque cliffs

Access : Coordinates:62.371064, -6.810096 / When you arrive in Kalsoy by ferry, follow the narrow main road through small tunnels for about 20 minutes until you reach the small village Trollanes. Here you park the car (space for about 8 cars) in the parking lot by the toilet built.

Highlights :

  • Hiking to the Kallur Lighthouse :A 2.4 mile loop trail On the island of Kalsoy with epic views, you can leave your car in the parking lot in the village of Trollanes, then go on foot ( no more than 40 minutes) Visitors must follow the path, without any signposts, through bright green clearings. There will be sheep grazing along the way: stick to their stone pens and you won’t get lost.
    Good to know : For most of the year, the footpath to the lighthouse is covered in slippery mud.
  • The population of Kalsoy Island is less than 100 people. Only four villages are scattered throughout its elongated territory, which are interconnected by a network of roads and tunnels.

Go next : The abandoned village of Skard / Lake Sorvagsvatn / Rinkusteinar, Two massive boulders swaying along with the waves of the sea / the village of Mikladalur ,which is located right next to Trollanes, and see the spectacular statue “the seal woman”



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