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Lake Blausee in Switzerland

The Blausee,  literally meaning  “Blue Lake”, is a mountain lake in the Bernese Oberland, in Switzerland. It is located 887 meters above sea level, in the Kander valley, in the municipality of Kandergrund.

The formation of the Blausee dates back 15,000 years, following a landslide. A Zurich merchant bought it and the surrounding land in 1878 while visiting the area. In the 20th century, the valley developed thanks to the Lötschberg tunnel and the construction of the road network.
Despite its small size of 0.64 ha, the Blausee is one of the most famous mountain lakes in Switzerland. It is a popular destination in the Bernese Oberland. It is located near Mitholz in the municipality of Kandergrund.

Access : Coordinates: 46.5325, 7.664722 / It is located on the territory of the Kandergrund village in the Bernese Oberland.Large parking lots are available for drivers.

Highlights :

  • The Blausee nature park : The Blausee nature park is a 20-hectare, traffic-free nature park.  The underground springs that feed it are crystalline, with a color oscillating between blue-green and deep blue.
  • The area is extremely beautiful with wonderful opportunities for walks. Numerous paths for walking, running and cycling, provided with countless signs indicating the time to the famous sites (respectively, with the pace of walking, running or cycling).
  • There is an organic trout farm next to the hotel. The trout are delivered to restaurants throughout the Kandertal and can be purchased from a shop at the entrance to the park.
  • Since the water absorbs long-wave (red) light more than short-wave (blue) light, it appears deep blue and blue-green. According to legend, the blue color comes from the blue eyes of a young girl who went into the water to mourn the death of her lover. Since then, the lake has been blue in memory of the unfortunate woman. The sculpture lying in the lake by the Glattfeld artist Raffael Fuchs from 1998 is also reminiscent of the legend.

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