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Navio Beach, Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Navío Beach in Vieques is a small beach  located south of Vieques.The Island of Vieques or Vieques is known as “La Isla Nena” (little girl island) and “Isabel Segunda” (Isabel II) is an island-municipality in the Caribbean Sea that is part of the archipelago of Puerto Rico, in the northeastern Caribbean.

Navío Beach in Vieques is a small beach with powdery white sand. It is the perfect beach to practice body surfing and at the same time relax and get away from the hustle and bustle.The beach is framed by cliffs at each end, lined with lush sea grape plants, palm trees, and native plants.The beach is wide and long and is a nesting area for sea turtles.
you can explore two caves that are located at the east of the beach, also The waves at the beach of Navio are strong and suitable for surfing.

Access : Coordinates: 18,092268,-65,44455 / To get to the beach you must enter the facilities of the Sun Bay Spa and drive to the left on an unpaved road.

Highlights :

  • The beach is popular with body surfers and those interested in learning how to surf.it is not suitable for snorkeling.
  • Navio beach is beautiful! White sand, clear blue water. It is surrounded on both sides by cliffs.
  • The entrance to the beach is free,There is a large open space with plenty of parking.Rental Services: Rental of beach umbrellas, tables and chairs Water Sports Equipment Rental.

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