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The MS World Discoverer Wreck

The World Discoverer was a cruise ship launched in 1975. Originally built under the name Bewa Discoverer, the ship was one of the first built specifically for expedition voyages.

On April 30, 2000, the ship ran aground off Honiara (Solomon Islands) and capsized after hitting the then uncharted mid-reef. Attempts to salvage failed due to a civil war raging in the Solomon Islands at the time and the progressive damage to the ship. The wreck of the World Discoverer, which has since been looted by the island’s residents, still lies off the coast of Honiara and is a popular destination for tourists to the archipelago.

Access : Coordinates: -9.023103, 160.123031 / Wreck site : Roderick Bay of the Nggela Islands,The Nggela Islands, also known as the Florida Islands, are a small island group in the Central Province of Solomon Islands.

Highlights :

  • The wreck is still lying in front of the island with a list of about 38° at position DMS 9° 1′ 23.17″ S160° 7′ 22.91″ E
  • The wreck has since become a popular photo opportunity for tourists to the archipelago.
  • The World Discoverer could carry 134 people in 5 suites and 67 outside cabins on 7 passenger decks. The ship also had a cinema (which could also be used as a lecture hall), three lounges, a pool at the stern, a library, an on-board shop and the main restaurant Marco Polo.

Go next : Honiara , the capital and largest city of the Solomon Islands, situated on the northwestern coast of Guadalcanal.



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