The Wave, Arizona

The Wave, Arizona
The Wave, Arizona
The Wave (‘The Wave’) is a sandstone rock formation dating from the Jurassic period (190 million years). It is located in the state of Arizona, United States, forming part of the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness.

The Wave consists of several U-shaped valleys eroded by the wind. The largest valley is 19 meters wide and 36 meters long. The rock is Navajo sandstone. This rock from the Jura comes from mountains in the west, after which it was brought to these regions by the wind. Then the climate was very dry and there was a desert in this area.
The Wave is a famous spot among photographers and hikers. A landscape of wave-like undulating shapes and orange and reddish colors. Originally it was a set of dunes that over time became solid rock. Erosion by wind and rain has created this unique landscape.

Access : Coordinates: 36.996111, -112.006111 / Location: Coconino County, Arizona

Highlights :

  • Its access is limited by the authorities to 64 people per day drawn by lot by lottery and supervised by sworn guides.
  • Originally it was a series of dunes that over time turned into solid rock. The erosion of the wind and rain have created this unique landscape.
  • The wave is particularly famous among European tourists, in part because it appeared in a German documentary filmed in the 1990s.
  • The two main troughs containing this rock formation measure 36 × 19 m and 16 × 2 m. 250 million years ago, there were sand dunes moving under the influence of seasonal winds.

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