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Viaduto 13 , Vespasiano Corrêa

The Viaduct 13 Also called Army Viaduct, is 143 meters high and 509 meters long.  The Viaduct, located in the small town of Vespasiano Correa in Rio Grande do Sul   (  a state in the southern region of Brazil  ) , is the tallest railroad bridge in South America and the third tallest in the world. Built in a mountainous region, the pharaonic work blends with the beautiful landscapes formed by the Barraca stream and the Guaporé River valley, which make the V13 a unique place.

The viaduct was built by the First Railway Battalion of the Brazilian Army, which was located in the city of Lajes, in Santa Catarina. Construction took place in the 1970s, but the project had been ready since the end of World War II. It is the tallest railway viaduct in the Americas and one of the tallest in the world: currently, it is second only to the Mala Rijeka viaduct, which is in Montenegro. But in December 2021, the railway bridge over the Chenab River in India should be inaugurated, which will occupy the first place on the list.

With all these measures and occupying a prominent position in the world ranking, Viaduto 13 became a tourist attraction for Vespasiano Corrêa.

Access : Coordinates: -29.03554,-51.93129 / Vespasiano Corrêa is 175 kilometers from Porto Alegre and is located along the RS-129 highway. Viaduct 13 is eight kilometers from the city center. There is a toll charge at R$ 4.60 along the stretch.

Highlights :

  • Recently Viaduto 13, it has become the most important visiting point in the city of Vespasiano Corrêa. The region also offers bike trails, waterfalls and even rafting circuits down the Guaporé River, one of the few completely unpolluted in Rio Grande do Sul.
  • Access to Viaduct 13 is free. To visit the waterfall that we can see from above, you have to go to Camping da Nei. However, if you want to camp here, you will have to pay for the daily rate.
  • The classic Ferrovia do Trigo ( EF-491 is a connecting railroad, known as Ferrovia do Trigo, a name acquired at the time of its construction in the 1970s. It is located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.  )  has a total length of 152km, and in the 50km stretch that crosses Guaporé, Dois Lajeados, Vespasiano Corrêa and Muçum there are 22 tunnels and 21 viaducts, including Viaduct 13, with 143m in height, considered the largest railroad in the Americas.

Go next : Vespasiano Corrêa / Muçum is a small town in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul. Affectionately called the Princess of Bridges.



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