Isle of Pines , New Caledonia

Isle of Pines – Île des Pins is an island in the Pacific Ocean, in the archipelago of New Caledonia,  New Caledonia  is a dependent overseas territory of France lying in the western Pacific Ocean, in the Coral Sea, to the east of Australia and west of Vanuatu.
James Cook discovered Isle of Pines in the second half of the eighteenth century, when he made his second trip around the world. Cook named it Pine Island because of the large number of trees of this genus. There is only one settlement on Ile de Pins, the village of Vao, in which all urban infrastructures are concentrated and which is the tourist center of the island.

Access : Coordinates: -22.616667, 167.483333 / How to get to the Ile-de-Pins Air Caledonie operates several flights a day to Isle of Pines from the domestic airport of Noumea ( Noumea is the largest city in and capital of New Caledonia, lying on the main island of Grande Terre. ). Important! On the main island of New Caledonia there are 2 airports at different ends of the island – international and domestic. Direct flights to the Isle of Pines are operated  on a small turboprop aircraft ,Travel time 25 minutes.

Highlights :

  • The main attraction and reason to visit the Ile de Pins is the stunning beauty of the Pacific coast. Visit the caves of Queen Hortense,Kanuméra cove : recommended for snorkeling, with the sacred islet of Kaa Nuë Méra, access to which is not allowed. Finish your exploration of the island with a visit to the market and some nice souvenirs.
  • Kuto Bay :  with beautiful beaches and a ferry dock. is a great spot on the Isle of Pines, perfect for swimming and sunbathing and the holy islet of Kaa Nuë Méra, which access is not allowed.
  • Canumer Bay : There are no strong waves here, but there are a lot of corals.
  • Snorkelling : underwater beauty – scrutinize corals and colorful ocean fish while snorkelling.
  • Diving : Off the coast of the Ile de Pins, there are excellent places for deep diving and acquaintance with the inhabitants of the fish kingdom.
  • Kanumera Beach : is an attractive place to explore , / Ruins of the convict prison / Convict cemetery.the prisoners’ cemetery with a pyramid-shaped monument.
  • Oro Bay : In the north-east of the island, with the famous “natural pool” described as “the most beautiful natural bathing beach in the world”
  • Saint-Maurice Beach with the oldest statue of Christ on the island, surrounded by a palisade of traditional wooden sculptures depicting local pagan deities.
  • The Grotto of Queen Hydrangea : Located in a tropical forest, a large cave, once inhabited.
  • The Catholic Church in Vao, the largest on the island, with an altar carved with traditional motifs.

Activities :  Photo opportunities / kayaking and stand boarding. / Excursion to the Brush Island by small boats. / You can try inexpensive freshly caught lobsters.

Go next : The Loyalty Islands is in New Caledonia. / Grand Terre is the main island in New Caledonia. It is one of the largest islands in the Pacific / The Chesterfield Islands are in New Caledonia, to the extreme west of the rest of the country ,nearly 300 miles.


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