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Hin Sam Wan

Three Whale Rock or Hin Sam Wan is a 75-million-year-old rock formation protruding out of a mountain in Phou Sing, Bueng Kan Province, Thailand.

The area of ​​Hin Sam Whale is a large rock attached to a high cliff, separated into 3 large blocks, about 75 million years old. The specialty of the stone is when viewed from a distance These three stones will look like a herd of a family of whales, including father whales, mother whales and baby whales, which are called according to the size of each stone.
Hin Sam Wan, one of the attractions of Phu Sing, Bueng Kan Province It is located within the conservation area in the Kala Rainforest National Reserved Forest, Phu Sing Forest and Pink Dong Forest. Hin Whale Por, the largest rock , is a popular photo spot for tourists.

Access : Coordinates: 18.251013, 103.813938 / Location : Phou Sing, Bueng Kan Province, Thailand.

Highlights :

  • Only two of the rocks (the “mother whale” and “father whale”) are accessible by foot, the “baby whale” cannot be reached because there is no path to access.
  • Naturally, according to scientific versions, the reason for the round shape and incredible smoothness of the Whale Rocks is attributed to banal erosion, the long-term effects of tropical winds and rainstorms.
  • Open for viewing: 05.30-17.00 ,it is  one of The most beautiful viewpoint in Phu Sing , especially at sunrise.Views of Phu Wua Forest, Huai Bang Bat, Kaeng Sadok, Mekong Sands and Pak Klang Mountain, Laos, and if you look closely, you won’t see the Mekong River in the distance.
  • You can visit every day from 05.00-18.30 hrs. (Last admission is allowed at 17.00 Depending on weather and nature should listen to the advice of the staff)

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