The Due Sorelle beach

Two twin rocks overlooking the clear waters that caress the Conero Riviera.
Two twin rocks overlooking the clear waters that caress the Conero Riviera.

The Due Sorelle beach in the municipality of Sirolo (An), in the central part of the Conero Riviera, where the most beautiful beaches of the Marche are ( Marche or the Marches is a central region of Italy )  attract many visitors every year .

The Conero is a mountain that rises just above the cove, consisting of a strip of white sand completely surrounded by dense vegetation and overlooking crystal clear waters, with shades of color ranging from green
This cosy shingle beach with a lovely sandy shoreline is totally wild and untouched since it is only accessible by sea.
Two twin rocks overlooking the clear waters that caress the Conero Riviera. And no possibility of reaching the beach enclosed in the Conero Park by land. For those who go on holiday in the Marche, the Due Sorelle beach, the symbol of Sirolo, remains an unspoiled and wonderful destination to see at all costs

Access : Coordinates: 43.546624, 13.627143 / Location : 60020 Sirolo, Province of Ancona, Italy / It can only be reached by sea, with ferries that depart from the small port of Numana (An). For the more sporty you can use the canoe or the sup, starting from the beaches of Numana, Sirolo or Portonovo.
/ The ferry or boat is taken from the port of Numana (it is necessary to book in advance), during 9.00, 9.05, 9.10, 9.20, 9.30, 10.30 or, from Sirolo, at 10.40. For the return we leave at 12.00, 12.30 and 15.00. The cost varies from 15 to 25 euros (children and adults). You can leave your car in paid parking lots: the largest is at the entrance to the city of Numana, or they are available at the entrance of the port or on the waterfront.

Highlights :

  •  in 1962, a cargo merchant ship flying the Lebanese flag called the Potho, shipwrecked just off this beach, and today a part of its remains are still clearly visible at about ten meters deep;
    between the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, always off the Due Sorelle beach, it is possible to witness the magical spectacle of the reproduction of octopuses.
  •  Type of beach : pebbles, white sand.
  •  Skyscanner says it, which has unveiled the 15 most beautiful beaches in Italy in 2019, an appointment now in its sixth edition, in which the well-known site rewards 15 of the most fascinating places on the Peninsula.
  •  The best point from where to enjoy breathtaking views over the entire Conero Riviera, you must follow the directions of Route 302 which starts from the cemetery of Sirolo and reach the belvedere overlooking the Due Sorelle beach and the whole Conero Riviera. .

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Mini cruises- Boat excursions / Canoeing to the Due Sorelle beach

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