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Alif Alif Atoll

Alif Alif Atoll, or North Ari Atoll, is part of the administrative division of the Maldives. It includes the northern part of the natural Ari atoll, the small Rasdhukuramathi atoll and the separate island of Thoddoo.

In the northern part, in addition to the main atoll, there is a small Radsu atoll, and in the southern part, the capital Mahibadu. The atoll includes 70 islands, but only 18 of them are inhabited, and 25 are resorts.
The administrative center of Alif Alif Atoll is located on the island of Rasdhoo,Eight islands are inhabited, in addition to the administrative capital on the island of Rasdhoo  these are Bodufolhudhoo, Feridhoo, Himandhoo, Maalhos, Mathiveri, Thoddoo and Ukulhas. The district comprises a total of 33 islands.

Due to the relative proximity to Male Airport, Alif Alif is very well developed for tourism, like the entire Ari Atoll. There are well over a dozen hotel islands, including Kuramathi Island in Rasdhoo Atoll.
Alif Alif is known to be the most developed tourist area in the Maldives and home to the most beautiful dive sites in the country. Many island-hotels are located there.

Access : Coordinates: 3.866667, 72.816667 / Alif Alif is a subdivision of the Maldives made up of the northern part of Ari Atoll, all of Rasdu Atoll and the isolated island of Thoddoo. It is located sixty kilometers west of Male, the capital.

Highlights :

  • Veligandu : A cute and cozy island that will appeal to those who prefer a quiet beach holiday.
  • Bathala : An oval island bordered by a strip of magnificent beaches / Vakarufalhi is a small blooming island with traditional houses.
  • Halaveli : The island is named after the durable tree “Ala” and is surrounded by marvelous beaches and sandy spits that go into the lagoon.
  • Aturuga :  A small round island invites guests to 42 bungalows, surprising with beautiful views of the ocean, opening opposite the restaurant and bar.
  • Angaagau : This place preserves the traditional landscapes of the Maldives with the constant coconut palms, tropics and a beach that occupies a quarter of the island.
  • Velidhoo : A lushly blooming island invites guests to relax in 80 spacious round bungalows on the beach or 20 on the water.
  • Maayafushi : The beautiful scenery and the amazing beach with 2 large shoals / Mirihi is a small island near a coral reef named after a bush with yellow flowers that grows on Maldivian beaches.
  • Moofushi : A small island that offers 45 bungalows on the shore and 17 on the water, as well as a massage center./Huvahendhoo the prefabricated houses are made in European style.
  • Nalaguraidhoo : A large island offering the largest hotel in the Maldives and 350 comfortable rooms / Rangali-Finolhu – a wooden bridge connects two beautiful islands on which the Hilton Hotel is located. 100 individual bungalows and 28 cabins on the waters of the stunning lagoon, 4 restaurants, 2 bars, massage and beauty parlors and consistently high service.
  • Vilamendhu : Sn amazingly beautiful island that has preserved the pristine purity of nature / Viligilivaru is an island loved by Italians, near which there is a reef
  • Gangehi : A small island located far from the rest of the resort places of the atoll, fitting in the passage of a coral reef.
  • Dhiffushi : A long and narrow island in the southern part of the atoll / Kudafoludhoo – the island is named after the chic banyan ficus that grows in these places.
  • Kuramathi : A unique island that houses a whole three hotels/ Madoogali is a charming green and blooming island with sandy beaches.
  • Ellaidhoo :  The northeastern island is located near the most marvelous diving sites./Dhiddhoo Finolhu is a narrow island with luxurious flora, which is easy to get around on the beach in an hour, and offers simple rooms, a restaurant and three bars.
  • Maafushivaru :  It’s amazing how such a small island accommodated 38 houses and 10 bungalows on the water / Machchafushi – a green tiny island with a magnificent lagoon and beaches, offers 48 bungalows.
  • Thudufushi : There is a beautiful beach in the form of a wide sandy strip that surrounds the island / Fesdhoo is a tiny green island in the heart of Ari Atoll, built up with 78 very comfortable Maldivian-style villas and excellent restaurants.

Go next : Male — the capital and largest city in population / Addu – also Seenu is the southernmost atoll in the Maldives. /  Hithadhoo.

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