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Ban Gioc–Detian Falls

The Ban Gioc Ducthien falls are the world’s fourth largest waterfalls on the border between two countries (china-Vietnam)  – after the Iguazu, the Victoria and Niagara Falls. They are half each in the province of Cao Bằng  in Vietnam and in Daxin County of Chongzuo City in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China.

The river Quy Xuan (Chinese Guichun He), which belongs to the catchment area of the West River, pours there in a multi-level cascade of 300 meters width over a height difference of about 53 meters. The largest amount of water flows in the months of May to September.

The region is inhabited on both sides of the state border mainly by the peoples Zhuang (or Tay and Nung), Miao (or Hmong), Yao (or Dao) and Hoa (or Han). In the early 1920s, during the French colonial occupation, the site was used for recreation and hunting.

The area is characterized by karst mountains and rice terraces. Not far away is the limestone cave Nguom Ngao. Many pension lobbies in the country are adorned with the waterfall motif and images of the cave.

The waterfall is rarely visited from the Vietnamese side. Only a bamboo bridge facilitates access to the rafts. With them, the waterfall can be explored from both sides of the state. There is no longer a border post today. However, on the Vietnamese side, a visitation permit is required, which can be obtained easily at a police station on the feeder road. There are tourist facilities and a large department on the Chinese side. The access is not controlled.

Access : Coordinates: 22.8564, 106.722 / Ban Gioc waterfall is 90km east of Cao Bang , By public transportation : local buses run from Cao Bang to Ban Gioc and back again several times each day./ From Hanoi: By tourist bus : departure on a fixed day in month. / From Hanoi by taxi ,motorbike: You can rent motorbike in any travel agencies in Hanoi , by car is most convenient option /

Activities : Waterfall Tours / group and private tours from Hanoi / take photos /

Tips : At bus stations, there are many gangster men who are willing to cheat you to get you on a terrible or wrong bus / Driving : You should be carefully before renting because roads to Cao Bang are very dangerous with high passes, uphills way, specially in the dense fog.

Nearby Attractions – Go next : Thang Hen Lake / Nguom Ngao Cave / Pac Bo Cave / The Uncle Ho Museum / Ba Be National Park

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