Barrika beach

Jesús Ignacio Bravo Soler, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Jesús Ignacio Bravo Soler, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Barrica is a municipality in the province of Vizcaya, part of the Autonomous Community of Basque Country, located in northern Spain. Barrika beach, located in the municipality of the same name and 25 km from Bilbao, is a wild beach 600 meters long, surrounded by spectacular cliffs.

Composed of sand and stones, stairs facilitate access to this beautiful sandy area that is open to the sea.With a good quality of sand, although very irregular in terms of quantity, Barrica beach is medium in size, 270 m long by 30 m wide.
The tidal zone of the Bay of Biscay is of considerable interest to geologists around the world. Here you can see unusual formations – turbidites. These are formations from sedimentary rocks formed in deep water conditions.
For photographers, this place is certainly magical, giving a lot of room for creativity.

Access : Coordinates: / The municipality is located about 340 km north of Madrid, 23 km north of Bilbao.

Highlights :

  • Barrika is home to some of the wildest cliffs and beaches on the Cantabrian coast,Due to its characteristics, it is highly frequented by surfers, as well as nudists,In its 6 km of coast, Barrica has 3 beaches, these are:Barrika Beach,Meñakoz beach,Muriola beach or the quarry.
  • Barrika beach  has showers, a bar and lifeguard service. It also has a recreational area with tables, benches and wastebaskets in its vicinity.
  • Nudism is allowed here and it maintains a medium occupancy level. It is located at the foot of a cliff and must be accessed by some curious stairs.
  • Services: Lifeguard service: 11am – 8pm (in summer).  / Fountains , Nudism , Litter bins , Parking , Camping-banning , Sports-gymnastic routes , Recreational area , Bar-stall , Surfing courses , Showers.

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