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Brontallo , canton of Ticino, Switzerland

Brontallo is a village in the district of Lavizzara, in the district of Vallemaggia in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland.

Brontallo located 750 m above sea level. on a rocky sun terrace at the foot of a ledge of Pizzo di Brünesc. A village built on a steep slope, Brontallo lived on agriculture and livestock, at least until, towards the middle of the nineteenth century. Today the pilot project at Swiss level of Brontallo  saw the creation of agritourism structures in the Scinghiöra mountains and the support for activities in the primary sector (construction of stables and a cellar for winemaking, cleaning of pastures, improvement of the roads access). The new tourist proposals include the restoration of the mule track between Brontallo and Menzonio and the Lavizzara Path, a large pedestrian network between Bignasco, Fusio and Peccia, to be covered in stages to enjoy the richness of the landscape. Authentic diving in beautiful nature and in a world that is somehow untouched.

The village can be reached by post bus from Locarno with a change in Bignasco. The road, which was only built in 1955, ends just below the village at a parking lot. It is passable in winter. The well-preserved village center is entered in the federal inventory of Swiss sites worthy of protection (ISOS).

Access : Coordinates: 46.35, 8.633333 / Brontallo, a village located about 700 meters above the sea at the entrance to Val Lavizzara, reachable from Locarno, along the Maggia Valley.

Highlights :

  • Oratory of Sant’Antonio da Padova in the locality of Margoneggia, built in 1734.
  • The church of Santa Maria and San Giorgio, already mentioned in 1496 – the facade shows a huge picture of St. Christopher – was rebuilt in 1653 and then restored several times.
  • the steep and endless terraced slopes, the cliffs overlooking the village.
  • Houses of the emigrants:Starting from the info point, just above the parking lot at the beginning of the village, you walk towards “i Palèzz”, the palaces, that is the houses of the emigrants: a series of four buildings built with “American money” in the second mid-nineteenth century, side by side, with the façade looking downstream, terraces with iron railings, imposing door with the date and the owner’s initials. In front of the entrance, pleasant spaces for enjoying a moment of rest, with stone benches, small gardens and an avenue shaded by vineyard pergolas.
  • The vineyards of the sun : Passing the core of the stables, you walk towards the vineyards, located in the steep area called “i Mund”, where a large terraced area has been recovered since 2003 as part of the regional development project promoted by the Monti and Landscape Foundation.

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