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Camiguin Island

Camiguin is an island in the Mindanao Sea in the southern part of the Philippines
Camiguin is an island in the Mindanao Sea in the southern part of the Philippines
Camiguin is an island in the Mindanao Sea in the southern part of the Philippines.

Old Spanish documents indicate that Ferdinand Magellan and Miguel López de Legazpi arrived on the island in 1521 and 1565.
Camiguin is a volcanic island, formed around four stratovolcanoes, each with several peaks. Only one has been historically active, Mount Hibok-Hibok (last euption 1948-1953).
The island is still little known to tourists.There are several resorts on the island, most of which also have a diving center attached. Very nice spots are “Old Volcano”, “White Island” and also the nearby underwater reserve “Mantigue Island”.
Today, Camiguin is listed as one of the 25 most interesting and significant sites in the Philippines according to the country’s tourism department.

Access : Coordinates: 9.17, 124.72 / Camiguin Island is located 10 kilometers north of Mindanao, the southernmost island in the Philippines.

Highlights :

  • The people of the province are called Kamigins, and the local language is called Kinamigin. The original inhabitants of Kamigin were the Manobo tribes who migrated from Surigao.
  • Every year in October, the island hosts a festival dedicated to the local lansones tree, which bears fruit and plays an important role in the life of the islanders. The celebration lasts for a week.
  • According to zoologists, fifty-four species of birds and twenty-four species of mammals live on the island.. In addition to rare animals, Kamigin has luxurious beaches, beautiful waterfalls and hot springs.
  • Camiguin Island is included in the 25 most interesting sites in the Philippines and ranked 7th in the ranking of diving sites in the world.
  • Top sights in Camiguin Island : Many ancestral mansions of the Spanish nobles are preserved on the streets of Camiguin. The architecture of the American period is also attractive , for example, Santo Rosario in the municipality of Sagay, in Catrman an old church with a bell tower was preserved after a volcanic eruption, a church in Bailao, which also survived during the eruption, and others.
    Hibok Hibok Volcano is an active stratovolcano on Camigin Island./ Cold springs ,a landscaped area with gazebos and changing rooms. / Tuasan Waterfall / Mantig Island (Magsayasai) a tiny island located 3.8 kilometers from Camigin, famous for its snorkeling and diving sites. There is a cafe with local exotic cuisine and excursions. / Katibawasan Waterfall / Nursery of giant clams / The ruins of the temple – Guiob Church Ruins  / Flooded cemetery. You can sail to the cross in the sea by boat and snorkel over the flooded cemetery. / Climbing the volcano excursion , The difficult climb lasts several hours. You need to hire a guide.

Go next : the White Island, which is reached from Agoho, 5 km west of Mambajao. Mantique Island can be reached from Mahinoga, 14 km south of Mambahao.



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