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Capo Testa

The Capo Testa is located a few kilometers west of the northernmost point of Sardinia , Italy .

In addition to the lighthouse worth seeing there are many impressive granite rocks, which were formed by the bizarre wind and the typical in Mediterranean Tafoni weather bizarre part. Many of these rock formations have been given animal names for obvious similarity.

On the peninsula there is also the Valle di Luna, where during the 68er numerous hippies and dropouts lived until the camping was prohibited outside the designated campsites in the whole of Sardinia and crackdown on violations.

Today, a few dropouts live in the Valle di Luna again, their dwellings are located in the various caves of the valley. In the main season also the wild camping is tolerated, so can be in the morning mostly several tents made up of backpackers in the valley.

Capo Testa offers a variety of small bays, which are a destination of many Sardinienreisender especially in the high season.

Attractions : Capo Testa Lighthouse , little cove – Cala Spinosa Access info : The beach of Capo Testa is located at only 3 km. far from the town of Santa Teresa di Gallura, furthest point in the northeastern Sardinia, in the province of Olbia-Tempio

Facilities:  kiosk /  car park /  Hotel / Diving

Activities : Rock climbing /  Hiking /  diving /  snorkelling/  Photography

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