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Clarence Battery

Clarence Battery is a Historic battery within a fort on the cliffs above the southern entrances to St Peter Port. in island of Guernsey ( The island of Guernsey, in the Channel Islands, is the largest island of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, a dependency of the British Crown which also includes Sark and Alderney. Its capital Saint-Pierre-Port is on the east coast of the island.  ). It is located in the eastern part of the country, in the capital St. Peter Port. 
The ground around the Clarence Battery is flat. To the southeast, the sea is closest to the Clarence Battery. The highest point is approximately 86 meters and 1.0 km southwest of the Clarence Battery. the Saint Peter Port, 1.6 km north of Clarence Battery. In the region around the Clarence Battery, rock formations, valleys, and creeks are rare.
Clarence Battery, originally called Terres Point Battery when it was built in 1780 in the outer defences of Fort George, was renamed in 1815 in honour of the third son of King George III, Prince William, Duke of Clarence. Ten gun mountings allowed the battery to fire in two directions, a magazine and Guard Room were also built. The original guns were later upgraded to 5-inch guns and during the German occupation a 3.7cm anti-aircraft gun was installed.

Access : Coordinates: 49.4463, -2.5305 / On Bus Routes – Close to Town Terminus served by all bus routes / Via cliff paths or foothpath from La Valette.

Parking : Parking is available at the Belvedere Field and the cemetery.- Parking at La Valette.

Activities : Explore the Fortifications of Guernsey / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking , From the Valette bathing areas you can walk to the aquarium, which is installed in a tunnel under the fort. Then you can climb up the steps to Clarence Battery, from where you have access to the fort and the cemetery.

Go next : St. Martins 2.5 km / St. Andrew 3.6 km / Saint Peter Port / Castle Cornet / Vale 5.4 km / St. Saviours 6.9 km / Sark 12 km /

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