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Conques is a village in the department of Aveyron in the region of Occitania ( France  ) . It belonged to the Arrondissement Rodez and the canton of Lot et Dourdou.

Conques was an important sanctuary where the relics of the skull of Saint Foy were venerated. It is famous for its abbey church whose architecture and porch sculptures are remarkable, and its treasure, including the golden statue of Sainte Foy. Since the twentieth century, it has been declared a “major stage” on the Way of Santiago de Compostela (Via Podiensis) because it is mentioned in the last Codex Book Calixtinus.

Conques is located in the southwestern part of the Massif Central, on the banks of the Dourdou de Conques River, where the Ouche river flows into the Dourdou. The Dourdou is a left tributary of the Lot and flows into Grand Vabre in this one.

Conques was declared one of the most beautiful villages in France by the Les plus beaux villages de France association.The influence of Conques on local tourism was recognized in 2008 by the Regional Council Midi-Pyrenees with the recognition of the town as one of the Great Sites of Midi-Pyrenees.The Abbey and the Bridge of the Pilgrims have been awarded as part of the UNESCO World Heritage “Way of St. James in France”.

Access : Coordinates: 44.60032.3972 / Conques is located less than 200 kilometers north of Toulouse, in the  department of Aveyron, in the aforementioned Occitania region. / The place is located on the long-distance trail GR 65, which largely follows the historical route of the French Way of St. James “Via Podiensis”.
The nearest airport is Rodez-Marcillac, which is served by Air France and Ryanair. It lies about 32 kilometers southeast of the road and can be reached via the route departementale D 901, which crosses in Conques with the D 42. The nearest train station is in Rodez.
By train: Saint-Christophe, on the Paris-Rodez line, is the nearest station (15 km) from where taxis and buses depart. From Toulouse and Montpellier, you can also stop at Rodez station, where buses and taxis leave. For those who make the road to Santiago, there are bus links between the Puy-en-Velay station and Conques.

Attractions :

  •  the Abbey of Sainte-Foy – ,The church and its small museum are among the highlights of the cultural history of southern France. Nevertheless, the place is not very visited because of its remote location. Conques and its abbey church are located on a mountain slope, and this situation threatened to once fate the church.
    Since 1998, the church has been awarded as part of the World Heritage by UNESCO “Way of St. James in France”.
  • Today, in Conques you will find walkers and pilgrims on the road to Le Puy and this mixture confers to the people an animation like no other. You can also walk along the GR®65 or, during an afternoon, take the route that will take you to the Sainte-Foy chapel: sublime views of the natural circus with the lush vegetation where Conques crouches.
  • Viewpoint with panoramic views of Conques : The best way to start discovering Conques is to climb to a viewpoint that is identified by a crossing, and from where you have beautiful panoramic views.from the south on the D901 road that borders the river, before heading up the road that leads to the right to the town, you must take the one that about 500 meters before goes up to the viewpoint.
  • Rural architecture of Conques : During your visit at this traditional village you can admire the corners where you can enjoy its beautiful rural architecture, with its half-timbered wooden houses, combined with the roof slate.From the old medieval wall you can still go through some door, such as Barry’s or Fer’s.
    You will also find fountains known for their existence since the 12th century, such as the Fountain of Plo, next to the entrance of the abbey.And you will see a small castle, that of Humieres, from the 15th century, which you will recognize by its tower with an octagonal silver crown.
  • Conques Treasury Museum : In the building next to the space occupied in the day by the cloister of an old monastery you can visit the Treasury of Conques, a small museum where a collection of reliquaries dating back to the sixth and seventh centuries is shown.
  • The pilgrim bridge over the Dourdou : At Conques, the Via Podiensis crosses the river, a French section of the Camino de Santiago to Santiago de Compostela. The old stone bridge with its five arches is therefore also called the Pilgrim Bridge. Although it is often said to be of Roman origin, its construction is believed to have been built between the 14th and 17th centuries. But since pilgrimages have been attested at this point since the 11th century, it can be assumed that it has replaced a predecessor building.
    Since 1998, the bridge has been awarded as part of the UNESCO World Heritage “Way of St. James in France”.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Scenic Driving- Auto Touring / Nature Viewing / Guided tours at Conques

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