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Cozumel is one of the eastern coast of the Mexican peninsula Yucatan offshore island. It belongs to the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and forms the main part of the municipality of Cozumel.
Favorite island for diving enthusiasts is located in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico, just 60 kilometers from the city of Cancun and separated by a 45-minute ferry ride from the port of Playa del Carmen.
The most recent research indicates that the first settlers of the island of Cozumel arrived there around the second century BC. C. Although not fully identified, these individuals are believed to be part of Caribbean semi-nomadic groups, indistinctly engaged in fishing and hunting.
The first Spanish explorer was the conquistador Juan de Grijalva. He landed on Cozumel in 1518 and named the island “Isla de Santa Cruz”. For Hernan Cortes she was in 1519 the first station on his conquest campaign against the Aztec empire. On this island he met his later interpreter Geronimo de Aguilar. He had been stranded by a shipwreck on Yucatan, had learned the language of the Maya and joined the expedition of Hernan Cortes.
In the twentieth century and especially after the Second World War, the development of communication channels and service infrastructure opened up the possibility of tourism development, an activity that to date is the basis of the local economy.
Today Cozumel is a popular tourist destination and is well known for its good diving. Jacques Cousteau made the island known for its expansive coral reefs dating back to the 1960s with reports on diving. Since the construction of an airport in the late 1970s and several piers in the 1990s, tourism has increased dramatically. The steep rise in cruise ship tourism from the USA is now one of the main pillars of the tourism industry.

Access : Coordinates:20.42, -86.92 / How to get to Cozumel?
From Cancun, you need to move to Playa del Carmen, from where boats leave practically all day, the service is comfortable and the journey takes approximately 40 minutes. Cozumel has an international airport with connections to the main cities of Mexico and abroad, so arriving by air is no problem. / By Boat :
Cozumel is one of the most important cruise ship docks in the Caribbean area and annually receives an average of 1000 vessels from all parts of the world and around 3 million visitors in the same period.
, From the continent you have to reach Playa del Carmen, in the center of the Riviera Maya, to take the ferry on the federal pier that will transport you to this beautiful island, in a journey of approximately 45 minutes.
By plane :
Cozumel has an international airport that receives direct flights from major cities in the United States and Canada. You can also fly from the airports of Cancun or Merida and take a local flight to Cozumel. Or fly direct from Mexico City.
By Bus from center of Cancun to Cozumel : the buses leave for Playa del Carmen every 20 minutes or so.The transfer will cost more or less 4 dollars and will last one hour and twenty minutes.

Attractions :

  • Celarain Lighthouse – From where you can enjoy the 360 ??degree view of the island and the 5 ecosystems that make it up: Coasts, beaches, mangroves, lagoons and reefs.
  • Reefs – From north to south: Barracuda, San Juan, Paraiso, Pecio Felipe Xicotencatl C-53, Chankanaab, Chankanaab Bajo, Tormentos, Yucab, Tunich Wall, Wall of San Francisco, Bajo de Santa Rosa, Wall of Santa Rosa, Paso del Cedral Bajo, Paso del Cedral Wall, Punta Dalila, Palancar Herradura, Palancar Gardens, Palancar Cuevas, Colombia Bajo, Colombia Profunda, Punta Sur, Chun chancaab, Maracaibo.
  • The beaches of the east coast are recommended, they are extensive and virgin. / Beaches : – San Juan Beach, Azul Beach, Morena Beach, El Mirador, Paradise Beach, Passion Island , Santa Maria Beach , Hernan Beach , Palancar Beach , Playa Encantada , San Francisco Beach , Chankanaab beach park ,
  • Archaeological Sites in Cozumel – San Gervasio, El Cedral, Miramar, Punta Molas, Punta Celarain and Cinco Puertas.
  • Natural Parks – Chankanaab Park, San Gervasio, El Cedral,
  • San Gervasio Ruins. It is an ancient and impressive site, where you can visit the sanctuary of Ixchel, Goddess of fertility worshiped by the Mayan civilization, who believed that a marriage in their presence would last a lifetime. Definitely, the Ruins of San Gervasio is one of the places to visit in Cozumel, Quintana Roo.
  • Punta Sur is the largest ecological reserve on the island, as it hosts many species of exotic birds and crocodiles and watches over its protection. In addition, from its lighthouse you will have the most beautiful panoramic views of Cozumel.
  •  Scuba diving : Cozumel Island has a great Caribbean charm, it is an international destination that attracts thousands of visitors every year, from huge cruise chains to divers from all over the world, seeking to dive into the crystalline waters of the Mexican Caribbean in search of a new adventure.
  • the Laguna Colombia : the Laguna Colombia, which you can go on catamaran and practice bird watching and mangroves, from time to time you can observe crocodiles and other endemic species. This place is also a sanctuary for sea turtles and has the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

Events : Cozumel Carnival : regularly held at the beginning of Lent, in 2013 it will be between February 6 and 12 / Cedral Festival – from May 01 to 03 / Feast of San Miguel – September 15 / Scuba Fest – December 9 to 14 /

Activities : Scuba diving / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Aqua Safari / Snorkeling / Beach lounging / Horseback Riding / Wild Tours ATV /
/ Touring the streets of downtown Cozumel is a great experience / swimming with dolphins

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