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Escadaria Selarón

The Selarón Staircase ( Escadaria Selarón ) is a 125-meter-high staircase with 215 steps, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Officially, the stairs are known as Via Manuel Carneiro.

Selaron Staircase (Escadaria Selarón)  is the work of the Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón ( 1947-2013 ), a resident of the neighborhood who arrived in Brazil in 19832, who decorated several public places in Santa Teresa and Lapa. It was made for the 1994 FIFA World Cup.
A tourist attraction in the city, the staircase has the particularity of being decorated, over its entire length, with more than 2,000 earthenware tiles from 120 different countries.

Access : Coordinates: -22.914322, -43.178953 / The Selarón Staircase, also known as the Staircase of the Convent of Santa Teresa (Escadaria do Convento de Santa Teresa in Portuguese), is located between the neighborhoods (bairro) Santa Teresa and Lapa of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Highlights :

  • The Selarón Staircase is an architectural work of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, decorated by the Chilean artist Jorge Selarón who called it “my tribute to the Brazilian people”
  • The work has appeared in many famous magazines, newspapers, documentaries and commercials. National Geographic Channel, American Express, Coca Cola, Corn Kellogg Flakes and Playboy are just some of the media that have talked about the staircase. It has appeared in numerous videos such as Snoop Dogg Bella U2 and Love and Capoeira by Takagi and Ketra ft. Giusy Ferreri, and is also considered an iconic tourist attraction in Rio de Janeiro as travelers from all over the world go there every day. In 2009, the staircase was included in Rio emotional 2016 video clip for the Rio 2016 Olympic bid, entitled “The Passion unites us”. The staircase also features in The Amazing Race 18 show, where teams are tasked with finding a similar tile on a given course.
  • An extension of Teotônio Regadas street, the staircase forms part of Manoel Carneiro street, and joins Joaquim Silva street at the Santa Teresa climb.

Go next : Lapa , a bairro (district) of the city center (Zona Central) of Rio de Janeiro. It is known for its architecture, in particular the “Arcs of Lapa” (Arcos da Lapa).



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