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Falsterbo Strand

The beach Falsterbo Strandbad is located on the southern  of the town Falsterbo ( South Sweden ) , 

Falsterbo beach stretches 4.5 kilometers, has a fine foot-friendly sandy bottom and thick white sand on the beach which in some places forms impressive dunes. It is often described as Sweden’s most beautiful beach and a really hot summer day can be compared to a tropical paradise. Here people travel from near and far and it is the whole of Southern Sweden’s favorite beach. There are kiosks.

Access : Coordinates: 55°23′23.3″N 12°50′46.8″E / Address: Strandbadsvagen 239 42 Falsterbo Sweden / The lagoon is 30 miles far from the city of Malmo , By Air : Airports near Skanor-med-Falsterbo : Vellinge Airfield is 11 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.Copenhagen Kastrup Airport is 27 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.
Malmo Sturup Airport is 36 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.  Staffanstorp BjA¤llerup Field is 39 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.
Copenhagen Roskilde Airport is 50 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo /  by bus : with the 100 bus from Malmo . Get off at the end station , walk about 100 meters  to the beach.

Features : bathing huts / restaurant / Wooden walkways / Half a mile from Falsterbo beach is Ljungens camping.

Activities: / photo shooting / kayak area : Please note that Naset contains several unique nature areas that are protected as a nature reserve. This means that restrictions can be found to partly paddle in the area and also to enter the beaches./ Birdwatching /
/ walk for miles (or km) near the sea / sunbathing /Golf / Kitesurf / Trekking / windsurf / hiking

Go next : 3km , Skanors Havsbad ( Bathing beach in Skanor ) / 5,1 km , Svanrevet ( Nude beach in Skanor ) / 5,4 km , Ljungskogens Strandbad ( Beach in Ljunghusen )

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