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Hattingen is a town in the northern part of the Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis district, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

History : Hattingen is located on the south bank of the River Ruhr in the south of the Ruhr region. The town was first mentioned in 1396, when the Duke of Mark granted permission to build a city wall. Today, Hattingen has a picturesque historic district with Fachwerk (timber-framed houses) built between the 14th and 16th centuries. The old city is still partly surrounded by the city walls today.

There are three castles remaining within the municipal area of Hattingen. Isenburg Castle was built in the 12th century in the hillsides above the Ruhr. The castle was destroyed in 1225, but prominent ruins remain. Blankenstein Castle was built in the 13th century above the Ruhr river and Haus Kemnade is a moated castle from the 16th century. All three castles are famous tourist landmarks and open to the public.

Hattingen became part of the Hanseatic League in 1554 and became an important trading town. In 1720, there were 52 operating coal mines within the municipal area and Hattingen became one of the first industrial cities of the Ruhr region. Steel production started in 1853, when the Henrichshutte was founded. The Henrichshutte became one of the most important employers of the whole region and dominated the town until it closed in 1987. Today, Hattingen still faces problems concerning structural change of the economy, but is becoming a centre of tourism, especially its historical downtown.

Access : Coordinates: 51.399167, 7.185833 / By Car : use A43 to Sprockhovel or Herbede alternative via B51, which passes Hattingen city center. By Bus  : Bus SB37 departs every 60 minutes.

Highlights :

  • Hattingen Old Town , Museum train Ruhrtalbahn , Ruhr Valley , Burg Isenberg , Burg Blankenstein

Activities: Cycling in the Ruhr valley historic train route along the river , Hiking at Ruhrhohenweg , Bouldering at Bodenlos Hattingen.

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