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Isla Damas

Isla Damas is an uninhabited island in the Chilean Región de Coquimbo.near the northern coast of Central Chile.
Isla Damas owes its name to a curious rock formation, the highest and most visible as you approach it from the Punta de Choros pier. The rock resembles the profile of a woman leaning against the island.
With the islands of Choros and Chanjaral, the island forms the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve, which is managed by the Chilean Forestry Agency (CONAF). The three islands support Humboldt penguin populations, but are also inhabited by a number of other rare and endangered animal species such as the Peruvian diving petrel or the South American sea otter.Only on Damas it is possible to disembark even if with limitations.

Access : Coordinates: -29.2352, -71.527 / Damas Island is located near the northern coast of Central Chile, about 100 km north of the town of La Serena, Kokimbio.  From La Serena, you will need to drive about an hour and a half to reach Punta de Choros. Excursion boats depart from here and take you to the island.
/ more comfortable way is to take a tour. In terms of costs, it can be a bit more expensive, but it gives you the security of having covered transportation , the trip from La Serena takes about 2 hours.

Highlights :

  • The island can be explored using a 1800 m long network of hiking trails  made up of 9 stations with information on flora and fauna in Spanish and English. It is mostly overgrown by cacti.
  •  Damas Island has two beaches, La Poza  and Las Tijeras , with white sand and emerald waters, used for diving.The Isla Damas beach, being CONAF’s, is not for bathing, but you can get your feet wet and rest.
  •  Isla Damas is part of Chile’s Humboldt Penguin National Reserve : You will be able to see bottlenose dolphins, one or two-haired sea lions, the chungungo, an innumerable variety of striking birds and the penguin that gives the reserve its name in their natural habitat.
    The reserve created in 1990 has 859.3 hectares, and is made up of three islands: Damas and Choros in the northern limit of the Coquimbo region, and Chañaral de Aceituno island, in the southern limit of the Atacama region.
    It is only allowed to stay one hour on the island, since it is regulated by CONAF (National Forestry Corporation). Bathing in its waters and camping on the island are prohibited since the end of 2015 in order to preserve its fauna and flora.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Animal lovers in particular will enjoy this wildlife sanctuary. Penguins, whales, dolphins and sea otters all in one place
/ Excursions to Damas Island : Knowing the Dolphins in Isla Dama.

Go next : Punta de Choros , a small artisanal fishing port located in the north of the Coquimbo region, Chile / La Serena ,a city It is one of the main tourist destinations in the country.

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