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Lake Ak-Balyk

Lake Ak-Balyk ( White Fish ) is a lake and is located in Gorno-Badakhshan ( The Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region  is an autonomous region with a special status within the Republic of Tajikistan ) Central Asia, Tajikistan.
Lake Ak-Balyk is a tiny lake, or rather a  spring. It is interesting because it is literally packed with fish, like an aquarium. The water is absolutely clear, and it seems that the fish can be scooped up with a bucket.

Small, crystal clear and incredibly beautiful.Lake Ak-Balyk which is known for its large number of fish.They say that seeing a white fish is good. A small but interesting stop for travelers exploring the Pamirs.

Access : Coordinates:37.7934, 73.3924 / The Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region. Located in the Pamir Mountains, Lake Ak-Balyk is about 10 kilometers from the village of Alichur ( Alichur is a village  along the M41 ) , right by the road.

Highlights :

  • The lake is sacred and it is believed that it has no bottom. You can’t swim, you can’t fish.
  • There’s a small canteen next to it serving up fresh fish, that serve as guesthouse as well.
  • The sacred Lake Ak Balyk is part of Badakhshan National Park -Tajik National Park, Tajikistan.Tajik National Park Created in 1992 in the Pamirs to protect the unique landscapes of the highlands.
  • Lake Ak-Balyk located on Pamir Highway, the second highest international highway in the world.

Activities : Trekking in Pamir’s National Park / photo opportunities / Explore the Majestic Pamir mountains / 4WD Tours.

Go next : South Akdzhilga Valley 7.9 km / The famous Sarez Lake , a reservoir in the Pamirs 66 km / Akbaital Glacier 74 km / Kyzyldzhilga Glacier 79 km / The Ak-Baital pass (4655m) on the Pamir highway – the highest mountain road in the former USSR.

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