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Ak-Baital Pass

Ak-Baital pass is located in the Eastern Pamirs, on the Osh-Khorog highway, which is one of the branches of the famous Silk Road. Ak Baital is the highest automobile pass in the Republic of Tajikistan and its height is approximately 4,655 meters.

The highest point of the Pamir Highway, the highest of the Pamir passes available for road communication,The height of 4,655 meters is very noticeable at the Ak-Baital Pass. Every physical effort becomes a challenge. Despite that, the panorama at the pass is sensational and breathtaking.
The pass is located in a watershed jumper separating the Muzkol and Saryzkolsky ranges. It is available year round. However, only the most courageous tourists decide to cross the Ak Baital pass.

The pass itself consists of several steep serpentines and a flat, straight dirt road at the top. Some people here are hard to take even a few steps for photos of the surroundings and they are short of breath. Still, a decent height – 4655 meters, almost like climbing to the top of a rather high mountain. Cars should also be prepared for such trips and such a road,asphalt is not everywhere and usually only near villages.

Access : Coordinates: 38.560944, 73.5975 / Location : Tajikistan – Elevation : 4,655 m (15,272 ft)


  • Ak-Baital pass It is located in the watershed jumper, which connects the Sarykolsky and Muzkol ranges and separates the upper reaches of the Muzkol River (basin of Lake Karakul) from the upper reaches of the South Akbaital (Oksu – Murghaba basin) in Tajikistan. The rise from the Muzkol valley is relatively gentle, from the valley of South Akbaital – more abrupt, with serpentines. Available year round.
  •  The snow-white hats of the Pamir-Alai sparkle dazzlingly in the sun all year round. Harsh and thoughtful this region, it is not for nothing that the Pamirs are called the “Roof of the World.”
  •  Ak-baital  – pass to the East. Pamir, at an altitude of 4655 m (Tajikistan). It is located in the watershed jumper between the Sarykolsky and Muzkol ranges, which separates the upper reaches of the Muzkol rivers (bass. Lake Karakul) and Yuzh. Akbaital (bass. Oksu – Murghaba). Ak-Baital is the highest mountain pass in the Pamirs, as well as in the USSR! If you have not encountered mountains before and cannot estimate a height of 4655m , then here is a short list of famous peaks with a height close to this pass: Mont Blanc (4810m) – the highest point of the Alps and Western Europe -Belukha (4509m) – the highest point of the Altai Mountains,-Ushba (4690m) – one of the most famous mountains of the Caucasus.

Activities : Jeep adventures through the Pamir Highway

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