Lake Limides

Lago Limides is a beautiful little lake in the Dolomites ,  at Passo Falzarego, Mount Lagazuoi  , Italy.

Lake Limides is very small, so do not be surprised if you will not be astonished as in the case of Lake Sorapiss.

The water, moreover, is green and does not detach much from the surrounding environment, also green. After a couple of laps around the lake you immediately understand why this color: the Limides is not powered by any  stream!  it is a gigantic pool of water, which collects rains in summer and melts snow and ice in winter, unless it is fed by some underground water flow. In any case, more than the lake itself, it is good to concentrate on the reflections it produces: from the north-west bank you can see the Averau and the whole mass of rocks and trees at its feet,

while from the south-west bank there is it is a beautiful view of Lagazuoi Piccolo, Col dei Bos and Tofana di Rozes. There may be wind: in this case the rippling waters prevent the reflection of the mountains and this effect is made even more evident if the sun is still high in the sky.

Access :  Coordinates : 46.511684,12.022941  /Getting to Lake Limedes is very simple and fast. You leave the car at the parking lot of Passo Falzarego and from there, just behind the restaurant, you start on path 441. You cross green fields, inlets of land, you pass under a ski lift (I assume ski lift) and go up slightly. The path is not difficult at all: it is uphill in some stretches, but it is not an exaggeratedly pushed uphill. After about twenty minutes, when you are above a ridge (on the right stands the Col Gallina), you should see a puddle of green water in the lower left. That is Lake Limides. Through the appropriate path (not officially numbered, but always 441) it goes down one hundred meters through rhododendron plants, shrubs of various kinds, rocks and firs, until you reach the shores of the lake. (Tobacco Paper 03) Location : Area: Dolomites, Group: Croda da Lago – Nuvolau, Country: Italy


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