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Majo Beach,Saint Martin

Majo Beach It is a beach on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, It is world famous because of its proximity to Princess Juliana Airport.

Maho Beach is white sand with little vegetation due to jet blast erosion. Close to the beach are the Caravanserai Hotel, the famous Sunset Beach Bar and other restaurants and night clubs like Bamboo Bernie’s and Bliss.
Due to the unique proximity of low-flying aircraft, the location is very popular with plane spotters. Maho Beach is one of the few places to admire the trajectory of planes while being physically at the end of the runway. Watching planes over the beach has become such a popular activity that the departure and arrival times of different airlines are displayed on a board in the bars.

Access : Coordinates: 18.03983, -63.12069 / Saint-Martin , is an island in the Caribbean Sea in the northern part of the Lesser Antilles.

Highlights :

  • The observation of aircraft is such a popular activity among tourists that the arrival and departure times of flights are fixed on signs in most bars around the beach, and there are even restaurants that relay the aerial phone calls on their sound system
  • Sign installed on Maho beach to warn tourists about the risk arising from the presence of aircraft operating nearby.
  • Princess Juliana Airport is located on this island. Landing in it is considered one of the most difficult, because the end of the runway is adjacent to the seashore, and the planes are forced to land literally over the heads of tourists relaxing on Maho Beach, while the runway is only 2300 meters long.

Go next : The administrative center of the Dutch part of the island is the city of Philipsburg, the French one is the city of Marigot.

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