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Maligrad  is an island in the Albanian part of Lake Prespa. Lake Prespa is located on the tripoint of North Macedonia, Albania, and Greece.

Despite its small size it hosts many caves, suitable for wildlife and a circular rock, with a few trees and an area with sand. The island also hosts the famous orthodox church of Panagia-St. Mary’s Church, built in 1369 by Kesar Novak , a local Serbian nobleman.
Mali Grad is the smaller of the two islands of Lake Prespa, the other, Golem Grad, is much larger (20 ha). The islands have no permanent population.
The island and its church, located in a cave, can be visited by boat, especially during the summer months, and is visited by tourists and pilgrims.

Access : Coordinates: 40.791944, 20.933056 / Maligrad located within the Albanian part of Lake Prespa.

Highlights :

  • On the island is the cave church “Holy Mother of God”, which dates from the XIV century.Maligrad Cave (Church of St. Mary)  is located on Lake Prespa on the island of Maligrad. The Church of St. Mary of the XIV century is one of the most valuable monuments of cultural heritage.The church is decorated with frescoes, as well as inscriptions in the Greek language, which date from 1369. Among other things, there are frescoes of the Novak family, which also depicts his Greek wife, Kalia.
  • Mal Grad Island, which is shaped like a tadpole, is covered with few trees, the rest is sand.

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