Miravet is a village and municipality in the comarca of Ribera d’Ebre in the Province of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain.

The village and the castle was founded by the Moors and rebuilt by the Knights Templar and transformed into a fortress-monastery, after the conquest of 1153. It is considered to be the largest fortified complex in Catalonia, and one of the best examples of Romanesque, religious and military, architecture of the Templar order in the whole Western world

Built on a privileged watchtower, the medieval castle of Miravet is one of the best examples of the architecture of the Order of the Templars in Europe. Religious and military building of Arab origin, follows the defensive style of the castles of the Holy Land, with majestic walls that rise over the Ebro River. The year 1153 is conquered by the Christians and Ramon Berenguer IV gives it to Pere de Rovira, master of the Templars in Hispania and Provence, who rebuilds it and becomes one of the main centers of Christian power in the Iberian Peninsula.

Access : Coordinates : 41.033333, 0.6 / By car :  Take the nacional N420 (interior) or the AP7/A7 motorway or N340 along the coast until arribe to Hospitalet de l’Infant and follow direction Mora (C44 and C12) By train : Regional R15 the station Mora la Nova*. Line Barcelona-Zaragoza-Madrid (RENFE).– Traveltime from Barcelona: 2:10h – Distance from the station to Miravet: 11 km

By bus :   closer station: Mora d’Ebre*. Line Barcelona-Zaragoza-Madrid.
Distance from the station to Miravet: 6 km
By air :  – Closer airport: REUS-Barcelona* – Barcelona-El Prat airport (T1 & T2)**
* Distance from the Reu airport to Miravet: 52 km (40 min). ** Distance from Barcelona airport: 150 km (1 h 35 min

The uniformity of construction shows that the Templars erected the building in a relatively short time. The vestiges of the old Andalusian fortress are present in the lower sections of the wall and in part of the constructions of the upper enclosure. Even in the cellar there are remains of an Andalusi press. In addition to the castle, Miravet is a walled citadel with buildings at different levels. Its forms are forceful and austere and, as a medieval hive, inside the walls the community had everything necessary to live.

Events :  Festivals :  Miravet Cherry Festival
Check out the Miravet Cherry Festival which takes place the second Sunday of each June.

Highlights :

  • The River Ebro , The traditional ferry crossing the river without motor , The old village , The Old Church (XVI-XVII c.)
  • The Templar Castle (XII c.) , Blores Route  , The potters workshops and the traditional pottery, in Raval Quarter.

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