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Mud volcanoes of Berca

The mud volcanoes of Berca  Mud volcanoes in Berce – Europe’s largest mud volcanoes, in Romania, near the village of Pâclele, near Berka, in the Buzău district, on the southern slope of the Carpathian Mountains. Romania.
Its most spectacular feature is mud volcanoes, small volcano-shaped structures generally high, caused by the eruption of mud and natural gas.
The reserve is unique in Romania. In the rest of Europe similar phenomena occur in Italy in the northern Apennines and in Sicily, in Ukraine on the Kerc peninsula, in Russia on the Taman peninsula and in Azerbaijan.
Due to the high salt and sulfur content of the mud, the environment is not suitable for the growth of flora, although some species of salt-resistant plants have been established.
The area has been protected since 1924, Besides the mud volcanoes, which are the main attraction of the reservation, we must also mention the presence of rare plants.
The phenomenon can be observed in two distinct localities near the municipality of Berca, called “the small mud volcano” and “the great mud volcano”. The surrounding area is broken by gullies cut by water and since one must walk on the dry mud crust, access is allowed only on sunny days.

Access : Coordinates: 45.3526.716667 / The mud volcanoes from Paclele Mari and Paclele Mici are located in the Berca Depression (Buzau county) / The access is made on DN 10 (Buzău – Brașov ) until km 18. We continue on DJ Satuc – Berca- Joseni- Policiori until km 8 and on DC Policiori – Pacle until km 5. Another 3km to the left for Paclele Mici and 1 km ahead for Paclele Mari.

Highlights :

  •  The muddy volcanoes were named by the locals as ‘pacle’ or ‘boilers’.In the Berca – Arbanași area there are 3 areas with muddy volcanoes at Paclele Mari, Paclele Mici and Paclele de la Beciu.
  •  At the Pacle Mari reservation, the volcanoes are located at an altitude of 322 m, on a circular plateau.This plateau was formed by the eruption products of numerous active or fossil volcanoes with cones and variable sizes. The active cones do not exceed 3m high while the fossil ones can reach up to 8m.
  •  Paclele Mari Plateau is a few kilometers to the northeast. The name is related to the very large dimensions of the three main volcanoes, which are located in the center of the plateau. This plateau is also considered a protected natural reserve and stretches for around 20ha.
  •  At the Paclele Mici reservation, the muddy volcanoes are located at an altitude of 341m. From the researches we have come to the conclusion that the volcanoes are found at depths over 3000m.The Paclele Mici Plateau is a natural reserve that covers about 10 ha.

Entry fees : Paclele Mari Reservation: students – 1 leu, students – 2 lei, adults – 4 lei / Paclele Mici Reservation: students – 1 leu, students – 2 lei, adults – 4 lei

Opening hours : 08:00 – 21:00 / Facilities & services : Parking at Paclele Mari reservation is made near the entrance to the reservation. There is no parking fee.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities- photography trips-photography spots / trekking.

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