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New Slains Castle

New Slains Castle, is a ruined castle about a kilometer east of Cruden Bay  in the Aberdeenshire, Scotland. United Kingdom , known as New Slains Castle, to distinguish it from the nearby Old Slains Castle.

The Castle is at the top of a crag with straight cliffs facing the sea,
The castle began to be built during the reign of James I of England while he was King of Scotland from 1567 to 1625. It originally had the rectangular dungeon and a small courtyard pre-existing called Bowness. It was modified and enlarged many times by the Counts of Eroll , chiefs of the clan Hay , in 1664 with the addition of a gallery in the courtyard, in 1707 with the creation of a new entrance.
In 1837 when partially rebuilt, enlarged with the addition of several wings and its exterior facades are modified in the as a Scots Baronial mansion .the 20th Earl of Eroll sells it in 1916. The new owner does not intend to maintain it in the state or repair it and even sells the roofs in 1925.

New Slains castle is a Historic Environment Scotland Category B listed building. This 16th century castle  is associated with the author Bram Stoker, who was a regular visitor to nearby Cruden Bay between 1893 and 1910.The Slains castle is mentioned in his novels, The Mystery of the Sea and The Watter’s Mou’, also provided the inspiration for Kyllion Castle in The Jewel of Seven Stars  and for Dracula s castle, part of the novel was also written while visiting Cruden Bay in 1896.

The front of the castle lies literally along the edge of the cliffs,The original structure consisted of a rectangular Tower House that was completed around 1600,

Access : Coordinates: 57.415335, -1.832294 / Slains Castle is off the A975 to the east of Cruden Bay.

Tip : For safety reasons, the building has been partially fenced. Nevertheless, the ruin is freely accessible and can be visited at any time at your own risk.
Warning signs indicating the dangers on the cliffs along the hiking trail are available in many places.

Activities : photo opportunities- photography trips-photography spots / sightseeing  / Explore Aberdeenshire / Hiking

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