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Piódão is a village in the Portuguese district of Arganil.
Piódão is located in the far east of the Coimbra district, 29 km from the district town of Arganil.The village is located in the mountains of the Serra do Açor. It is known for its traditional houses with shale walls, slate-covered roofs and blue-painted doors and windows.
The beautiful Serra do Açor is located between Serra da Estrela and Serra da Lousã. The land is basically schist and was once used for the cultivation of subsistence agriculture.
It is known nationwide for its slate architecture, and is one of the twelve historic villages, the Aldeias Históricas. Piódão is part of the Aldeias Históricas, a series of particularly well-preserved, historically grown villages that are specially protected and promoted by the state.

Access : Coordinates: 40.229444, -7.825 / The village of Piódão, a village in the Serra do Açor, Beira Litoral, in the center of the country / The easiest option is to rent a car or order a transfer-tour. / By bus : The bus from Coimbra only goes to the village located at the foot of the mountain, and then you have to take a taxi.

Highlights :

  • The main church (Igreja Matriz) of the village dates back to the 17th century and is modeled on the main churches in the Alentejo, especially that of Mértola, in the Mudéjar style.
  • The city museum Núcleo Museológico do Piódão deals with the history of the place,where you can take a booklet with a route through the village.
  • The city is also famous for the production of liqueurs / During walks in the mountainous regions, you can see beautiful fountains and rushing streams.
  • The biogenetic reserve of the Mata da Magaraça forest area, recognized by the Council of Europe, is 50 hectares in size and offers, in addition to its trees (elms, Portuguese oaks, chestnuts, Portuguese cherry laurel), the Fraga da Pena waterfall and old mills.
  • The Piódão River Beach : The low temperature of the waters of the Piódão stream attests to its purity, recognized with the Blue Flag award, and the trees on the hillsides provide shade in the hottest days.
  • The blue that paints the doors and windows is another mystery yet to be solved. Nobody knows for sure why.There are several explanations, but the best known is related to the isolation of the village and the arrival of a can of blue paint.
  • Hiking in the Serra do Açor : Various hiking trails run through the municipality, including the signposted, 4 km long percurso pedestre  from Piódão to Foz d’Égua, and the 10 km long Caminho de Xisto de Benfeita , which as PR1 / AGN (Pequena Rota 1 / Arganil, Ger .: Small Round 1, Arganil) is marked.
  • The Aldeias Históricas de Portugal are an association of twelve medieval villages in Portugal.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / walk along the picturesque streets / Scenic Driving- Auto Touring.

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