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Polperro  is a small picturesque town on the southern coast of Cornwall (England, UK).

Polperro is first mentioned in the Domesday Book , compiled under William the Conqueror, as the Small Fishing Village of Polperro, divided into two main estates. It is referred to as a fishing village in royal documents from the 13th century.
Polperro became famous for the smuggling trade, which flourished especially in the 18th century, when England was at war with Europe, and customs duties on goods were high
The place is on the river Pol, 6 km west of the famous seaside resort Looe and 40 km west of the city of Plymouth. It has a picturesque fishing port, which is surrounded by densely packed houses.

Polperro was famous for its smuggling past during the 12-18 centuries. Now it is a tourist destination in the southwest of Great Britain with cozy narrow streets, museums and an incredibly beautiful bay.

Access : Coordinates:50.3311, -4.5197 / The village of Polperro is located on the Cornwall peninsula, a few kilometers from the town of Looe.

Highlights :

  •  The local smuggler museum, which documents the history of what was once very profitable smuggling on the south coast of Cornwall, is of tourist importance.
  •  The Shell House, a house entirely covered in shells / Polperro War Memorial on the Cornwall Coastal Path from Talland.
  •  During the Second World War, Oskar Kokoschka had retired to this place to escape the attacks of the German Air Force on London. His former student Hilde Goldschmidt from Dresden visited him here in 1941.
  •  Polperro and the smugglers : Starting from the XII century, the locality had a strong development as a port town, and, parallel to this, also the smuggling of goods such as brandy, tea, tobacco, etc. developed. Smuggling reached its peak in the 18th century. One of the most famous smugglers linked to Polperro was a Hebrew named Zephaniah Job.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / fisherman’s boat trip / kaffemik ,coffee gathering / Scenic Driving- Auto Touring.

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