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Praia de Pajuçara

Check out photos of the bustling Pajucara in Maceio, Alagoas. Pajucara is one of the busiest beaches in Maceio. – Brazil.

Urbana, Pajucara hides its beauty on the high seas, when at low tide there is the formation of natural pools. But on the waterfront, the beautiful landscape predominates in contrast to the residential buildings and the hotel chain.

To get around on the beach, afternoons are the best part of the day, as the bars are lively with live music and lots of tourists mingling with the locals. Close to the handicraft fair, with beautiful pieces of the local culture, it is possible to even check a little. The back and forth of the rafts at low tide that take tourists to the pools make the beach have a special color all. For those who want to stay near the waterfront, there are several options of hotels and inns and restaurants and bars are also not lacking here. Leave the stress aside to enjoy the Pajucara Beach.

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