Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte is a beach and a coastal village in the Brazilian state of Bahia, 82 km north of Salvador.

Despite being overpriced and tourist-oriented without any disguise, it is probably one of the most beautiful and pleasant spots of the Northeast of the country, and a good way to relax from the noise and crowds of Salvador

 Access : Coordinates: -12.974722, -38.476667 / Praia do Forte is 1.5 – 2 hours on a bus from Salvador. During the rush hours after about 5pm the drive can take up to 3 hours. You can get the bus from Calcada (near the bottom of the Lacerda lift) or from the rodoviaria bus station). The bus costs 8.75 reais (August 2014). Salvador’s airport is to the northeast of the town, giving easy access to Praia do Forte if you want to by-pass Salvador itself. Car rental is available from several companies. Buses leave from the airport at 10.30 and 14.30 for Praia do Forte. Get around :  From where the bus drops you off, you can walk anywhere in town. The path to the beach and to Projeto Tamar is lined with shops and restaurants.

Highlights :

  • Projeto Tamar, . A successful environmental project in Praia do Forte. TAMAR stands for Tartarugas Marinhas (Sea Turtles). The Project is a non-profit organization with its main objective being to protect sea turtles from extinction on the Brazilian coastline. Praia do Forte is one of 22 bases of the project along the Brazilian coast, which have now released close to 10mn turtles into the Atlantic. In the visitors area, you will find pools with turtles and different types of sea animals, and can even touch them. At certain times of the day, you can also watch the young turtles being released to the sea. R$ 16.
  • Activities : Sapiranga Ecological Reserve. Atlantic rainforest area just a couple of km from Praia do Forte. Lots of interesting plants and birds, but rather spoilt by the 4-wheeled motorbikes that are the latest invasive species. Horse riding. Available on the beach and for trips to Sapiranga reserve. Bicycle hire. Several good trails are available. Surfing and paragliding. Capoeira You can train for example with Grupo Esporao with some great teachers as Contra-Mestre Fuampa or Professor Macaco.
  • Meditation and healing workshops and courses, Area de Protecao Ambiental do Rio Capivara, . Located a 40 minute drive from the town’s centre, Sitio Folha d’Agua is a natural retreat and tranquil sanctuary for those seeking inner peace and well-being. One can participate in creative workshops, healing sessions or courses related to meditation and relaxation as well as engage in wellness therapies. Visitors are admitted by prior arrangement only.  Ivan Bahia Guide (A daytour (starting from Salvador) to visit this charming little fisherman’s village that is nowadays the base for the Projeto Tamar Giant Turtle protection program),
  • Santo Antonio Alem do Carmo, Salvador, . Visit this old fisherman’s village that gave birth to what is today Praia do Forte, a village that still preserves its rustic characteristics. This village has only a few streets that follow the natural plan of the clearings between the coconut palms. An ideal place for eco-tourism and relaxing in one of the natural tidal pools along the 12km of afrodisiac coconut-beaches.

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