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Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Thomas is one of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The island was previously a Danish-Norwegian colony, as part of the Danish West Indies.

The island has an area of ​​81 km2 and had 51,000 inhabitants in 2000. The main town is Charlotte Amalie, capital of the archipelago. Saint-Thomas was once one of the haunts of corsairs, pirates and buccaneers and it is a customs and tax free zone (like other Caribbean islands: Saint-Martin, Saba, Saint-Eustache or Anguilla), which makes it one of the tax havens of the United States.
The island was a very important center of trade in the Caribbean due to its good natural harbor. The most important industry today is tourism.This area is also famous for its discount and duty-free shopping. You can find a wide variety of clothing, electronics, jewelry, and perfume stores on the streets of Charlotte Amalie.

Access : Coordinates: 18.333333, -64.916667 / St. Thomas is the second largest of the US Virgin Islands, and is located in the Caribbean Sea, east of Puerto Rico.

Highlights :

  • Charlotte Amalie is the largest city in the Virgin Islands and is located on the southern tip of St. Thomas Island.
  • Nearly 2 million cruise passengers disembark at Charlotte Amalie. The capital of St. Thomas.
  • The island’s most famous feature is Magen’s Bay, just opposite the northern part of the capital.
  • The 99 Steps, which is an 18th-century staircase located near Blackbeard’s Castle and Fort Christian, which was built as a fortress in the 1600s
  • town of Frenchtown, famous for its restaurants, taverns, nightclubs, and Creole-speaking locals.
  • There are more than 40 beaches along the St. Thomas coast, all of which are less than a 25-minute drive from Charlotte Amalie.
  • Top sights in St. Thomas : Paradise Point offers excellent views of the capital and the port. / Hull Bay , perfect spot for surfing / Blackbeard’s Castle / Fort Christian / Haagensen House / Coral World Ocean Park. / Coki Beach. / Beracha Synagogue Veshalom Vegimulth Hasidim /  Frederick Evangelical Lutheran Church,  was founded in 1666. / Cathedral Church of All Saints / Red Hook / Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral / Sapphire Beach.

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