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Shepherd’s settlement on Velika planina

Velika Planina Velika Planina is a village in Kamnik commune, a dispersed high-elevation ( 1,611.3 m -5,286.4 ft. )  settlement of mostly herders’ dwellings on the karst Big Pasture Plateau in the Kamnik Alps in Upper Carniola region of Slovenia. In fact, Velika Planina is a plateau formed by several pastures: those of Velika Planina, Mala Planina, Gojska Planina and the Dol and Konjscica mountains.
Shepherd’s settlement :The shepherd’s settlement is considered one of the few preserved settlements of this size in Europe and attracts many visitors every day of the year. It is recognizable for its typical architecture, which represents a kind of symbol of Velika planina
the village comes to life especially in June, when the cottages are filled by herdsmen who remain with their livestock in the pasture until September.
In 1963 the funicular was built, with which it is possible to reach the summit from Kamniska Bistrica, called Simnovec (1407 m) and from there with the ski lift to the Gradisce peak (1666 m). Thus, Velika Planina became the largest mountain pasture accessible from a valley in a few minutes.
In winter Velika Planina becomes a magical place. The mountain becomes a small ski resort, where you can sled, ski or walk on the snow-covered slopes.
Nowadays,Velika Planina attracts all those who want to feel the true mountain life, as it once existed, since there are still picturesque wooden mountain huts that are the pearl of traditional Alpine architecture. this traditional lifestyle coexists with the ski resort, lodges, alpine shelters and tourist cabins.

Access : Coordinates: 46.296944, 14.651944 / Distance from Ljubljana 35 km / To get to Shepherd’s settlement on Velika planina ,from Ljubljana head to Kamnik. Once there, follow the signs to Kamniska Bistrica-Gornji Grad.The road turns left in the village of Stahovica (after 6 km), and it is easy to go straight. / Access – starting point of the upper station of the cable car:
Continue on foot towards the top of the mountain (30 minutes of easy climb) or with the help of a two-chair lift. Best way is  getting off at the first two-seater station, then continue along the FYROM road past the Green Rob Inn. Follow the signs pastoral settlement, which is reached after about 15 minutes walk.

Highlights :

  •  The oval shape of the cabins with their roofs that reach almost to the ground makes them look like they are taken from a story.,Its typical architecture is the symbol of Velika Planina, These cabins are known as bajtes and were traditionally temporary settlements for the shepherds who came up with the cattle and stayed there all summer.
    There is also a separate area of traditional cabins for tourist use and where you can stay.
  •  Chapel of Mary Snow : The chapel of St. Mary of the Snows on Velika planina was erected in 1938. The chapel, which was later burned down, was rebuilt in 1988.,From the chapel in which the Holy Mass is celebrated every Sunday in August, a beautiful view of the central part of Velika planina opens.
  •  The cable car station at Velika Planina is just 10 km from the city of Kamnik. And 33 km from Ljubljana, about 45 minutes by car.
  •  the Snow Chapel, designed by the famous architect Joze Plecnik, where many, during the summer, come to receive mass. This building burned during World War II was rebuilt by the shepherds being for them a very symbolic place.
  •  Preskar Museum Hut : The museum is located in a shepherd’s village and is open daily during the grazing season on Velika planina. Its exterior is already recognizable, as it is a small, gray shepherd’s byte located in a stone section in the settlement.

Activities : Apart from knowing their customs, in Velika Planina you can also try the typical food of the shepherds. / sightseeing / photo opportunities / Mountain cycling / trekking- guided hiking trails / Guided tours /Skiing.

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