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Silberzeile Baroque Town Center – Schärding

Silberzeile Baroque Town Center – Schärding . A sight is the cityscape with town houses from the 16th to the 19th century, especially the late baroque silver row on the upper town square, surrounded by a largely preserved city wall with several medieval city gates (water gate, Linzer gate, Passauer gate). Scharding in his closed, colorful baroque architectural picture is a typical representative of the Inn-Salzach style.

The north-east side of the Upper Place is thougt to owe its name – which means “silver row” – to the rich merchants who lived there in the days when the Inn was an important trade route.
The colorful, baroque town houses  from the 16th century characterize the beautiful main square of the city of the scharding with numerous shops and excellent restaurants.

Location : Silberzeile Baroque Town Center , Oberer Stadtplatz ,  4780 Schärding :  North-east side of the Upper Town Square   / parking fees : € 2.20 for 2 hours.

Highlights :

  •  The colorful facades with pastel shades go back to the medieval guild colors that were assigned to individual guilds (e.g. bakers blue, butchers red, innkeepers yellow and green).
  •  From November 21, 2019 to December 31, 2019, after dark, the famous Silberzeile in the city center will be transformed into an enchanting world of experience with the help of light installations. Thrilling music makes the light show an unforgettable experience. The second building block of the “light games” is the illuminated Innland.

Activities : sightseeing-enjoy a Nice City Walk / photo opportunities- Architecture Photography / Great views of the Inn River.

Go next : Linzer Tor , Former Upper City Tower / Old Inn Bridge – the short way across the Inn / Georg-Wieninger Street / Seilergraben , The towers along the moat

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