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Speicherstadt ( “city of warehouses” ) is the largest warehouse area in the world, in which all buildings are erected on deep wooden foundations, in this case – on oak logs. Located in the harbor city of Hamburg,Germany.
Hamburg as part of the Hanseatic League in the 19th century enjoyed the right not only duty-free, but also duty-free processing of goods arriving from many countries.
After the entry of Hamburg into the German Reich in 1871, the city authorities were required to impose duties on imported goods in exchange for entering the customs borders of the state.
The Speicherstadt was built in three parts between 1885 and 1927. It was built by the Hamburg Freeport’s warehouse organization and was supervised most of the time by engineer Franz Andreas Meyer. Storing consumer goods in the warehouse city became more and more costly, and enterprises that were located here gradually found new premises.
The Speicherstadt is located in the port area of Hamburg on a 1.1 km long, narrow island in the Elbe River. The area covers 20.95 hectares and is divided into 15 storage complexes with 5 to 7 floors. The complexes are crossed by a network of canals and are connected by several bridges. In addition to storage facilities, there are six buildings related to port ancillary activities in the area.In the 1980s, Speicherstadt developed trade and storage of carpets from the Near and Middle East, and since 1991 the entire territory of Speicherstadt has been recognized as a historical monument, which meant that any changes were prohibited.
The Speicherstadt is home to several Shops, catering and entertainment centers open in warehouses certainly attract visitors, but the main points of attraction in Speicherstadt are its museums , including the Miniature Wonderland, and the Hamburg Dungeon.

Access : Coordinates: 53.543333, 9.991944 / How to get there: Take the metro to Baumwall station (U3). The Niederbaum Bridge leads from it to the Speicherstadt.

Highlights :

  • Speicherstadt it was awarded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site on 5 July 2015./ Hamburg Dungeon : A tourist attraction from a chain including the London Dungeon and Berlin Dungeon.
  •  The Spice Museum has the only spice display in the world (Am Sandtorkai, 34). In addition to jars of spices, here you can see ancient tools for their processing and a collection of essential oils.
  •  The Miniature Wonderland is an amazing museum with a railway running through cities and forests.
  •  Speicherstadt Museum – about the history of a unique warehouse town, construction and the peculiarities of life in it – Am Sandtorkai, 36.
  •  The International Maritime Museum is housed in a huge 10-storey warehouse -Koreastrasse 1.
  •  On the westernmost part of Kerwieder Island, on the spit (Kerwiederspitze, Kehrwiederspitze), there is a semicircular house with a pointed spire, faced with glass. This is the Columbushaus building, reaching 100 meters in height. Here is the headquarters of the Hanseatic Trade Center.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / harbor tours / motorcycling / Harbor cruise launch.

Go next : Explore the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg – Altona and St. Pauli are west of central Hamburg.

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