By Ivar Leidus - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 ee,
By Ivar Leidus - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 ee,
Suurupi is a village in Harku municipality, Harju county, on the Suurupi peninsula,in northern Estonia.

There are two lighthouses in the village, both on the list of Estonia’s National Monuments: the Lower Suurupi Lighthouse and the Upper Suurupi Lighthouse
There are several abandoned Soviet sea defences ,the Coast Guard Battery No. 2 and Coast Guard Battery No. 3 in the village and its vicinity. and buildings of the 180th communications polygon  1746th Radio Technical Battalion.
There were many summer cottages in the village, some of which are lived all year round, and the other part is used as summer houses.

Access : Coordinates: 59.469167, 24.383889 / Suurupi located 23 kilometers west of Tallinn, on the Suurupi peninsula.

Highlights :

  • The historical part of the village is crossed by the historic Vana-Klooga road.
  • Suurupi is known for its two lighthouses (upper and lower).
  • Suurupiis the birthplace of Estonian artist August Albo (1893–1963)
  • Top sights in Suurupi : There are two lighthouses in the village. The oldest wooden lighthouse in Estonia, the Suurup Lower Lighthouse (Lower Surop), was built in 1859. It is the oldest working lighthouse in Estonia / The Suurupi Upper Lighthouse (Upper Surop) was built in 1760.

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