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The 15 places with the bluest and crystal clear waters in the world

Lakes, Lagoons , beaches and bays all over the world are listed in the popular New York Travel & Leisure travel magazine with the most breathtaking waters you can enjoy around the globe.
well worth it to get away from the human crowds that travel to the most popular beaches , we bring you a gallery with 15 of the most beautiful beaches and lakes on the planet, but that are also outside the radar of most travelers.
Relaxation and detoxification from everyday life is far from being guaranteed.

Archipelago of Los Roques, Venezuela

A group of small islands located a few kilometers from the Venezuelan coast that has large areas of shallow water so they stay warm all year round and are full of marine life, is an excellent place to snorkel.

Ocean Trench Tu Sua, Samoa

A true natural wonder located in the vicinity of the village of Lotofag, this pit in the middle of the jungle connects to the sea through a network of underground caves and is about 30 meters deep.

Con Son , Vietnam

This beach is located on an almost uninhabited island of the Con Dao archipelago in the southeast of the country so it is in almost virgin state,

Kaputas, Turkey

In the south of Turkey, on the road between Kalkan and Kas, a narrow canyon leads to a beautiful beach with white sand and deep blue water.

Rosario Islands, Colombia

almost uninhabited islands are located near the coast of Cartagena, its waters surrounded by beautiful mangroves harbor the largest coral reef in Colombia and are a true spectacle for the senses.

Crater Lake, Oregon

The caldera of the extinct volcano of Mount Mazama was filled with water over the centuries creating one of the most beautiful and deepest lakes on the planet.

Egremni, Greece

the exciting beach of Lefkada , Amazingly blue waters beneath the steep cliffs ,White pebbles, high steep cliffs and blue, cool waters to its basic features , accessible only by boat, offering the opportunity of a unique experience.

Devil’s Bay, British Virgin Islands

the phrase “tropical paradise” falls short when you try to describe the beauty of this place. Its waters are very popular among snorkel fans.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

16 lakes of crystal clear water with beautiful waterfalls that connect them in the middle of a mountain of breathtaking beauty, a truly magical place that you can walk on the wooden walkways built so you can visit each lagoon.

Palawan, Philippines

A truly beautiful archipelago that forms a cluster of beaches, atolls and lagoons teeming with marine life,amazing things to see, including the world’s largest navigable underground river.

Five Flower Lake , Jiuzhaigou nature reserve and national park , China

Located in the southwest China, the Jiuzhaigou National Park is a valley on the Tibetan Plateau. The Jiuzhaigou Valley is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.the Lake’s water are so still and crystalline that they reflect the beautiful trees around and The constant change of color is just one of the features of the lake.

Peyto Lake ,Alberta Canada.

this vibrant blue lake fed by glacial water is a well-known stop for visitors wandering the fields Icefields Parkway. During the summer months, the rock meal flows into the lake, which gives the water its surprising color.


one of the favorite tourist destinations with crystal clear waters and an extensive coral reef, in addition to some of the best resorts in the world.

Havelock Island, India

Havelock Island, officially Swaraj Island, is the one of the largest islands that comprise a chain of islands to the east of Great Andaman in the Andaman Islands, Havelock Island, India’s most beautiful getaway.

Ambergris Caye , Belize

A true paradise especially for fans of snorkeling and scuba diving, its clear waters are full of marine life and the more adventurous can explore the caves of “Great Blue Hole” one of the most impressive natural wonders of the planet.



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