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The Drina House

The Drina House
The Drina House
A solitary house on the Drina River in Serbia has attracted curious travelers from around the world after a picture of it was published several years ago by National Geographic.

The small dwelling is on a rock in the middle of the water near the town of Bajina Basta. The beauty of the house was caught by the Hungarian photographer Irene Becker and quickly became viral on the Internet. The house, despite its recent fame, has been in the middle of the river for more than 40 years.

The house was built in 1968 by several friends who wanted a secluded place to make a beach and shelter in the event of storms. The house was almost destroyed several times during the floods, but it was rebuilt every time. The Drina House : Bajina Basta bb | river Drina, Bajina Basta, Serbia +381 31 866903  Activities : Rafting , Jeep Safari , Hiking with professional guides , Canyoning , Photo shooting.



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