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The Great Market Square in Zamość

The Great Market Square located  in Zamość , a Renaissance historical city in Lublin voivodship  in southeastern Poland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
There are several Markets in Zamość. Among others, the Solny Market and the Water Market. However, the most famous and the prettiest one is called the Great Market Square.
It is an example of one of the greatest 16th-century squares in Europe. It was designed by Bernardo Morando, an Italian architect, as a representative square, modeled on the ancient “forum publicum” or the Italian “piazza”. A square square with dimensions of 100 x 100 m is surrounded by burgher houses with arcaded arcades. The central building, usually the town hall situated in the center of the square, occupies a place in Zamość among tenement houses on the northern frontage.
The market square and the town hall in Zamość are among the most beautiful not only in Poland, but together with the entire Old Town was added to  the UNESCO World Heritage List. So it’s really worth seeing, today there are plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants in the Market Square. There are cultural institutions, museums and exhibitions. There are also numerous open-air events.

Access : Coordinates: 50.717785, 23.252652 / The Great Market Square in Zamość is located in the center of the Old Town. / Zamość is located 76 km south-east of Lublin, From Lublin take the N12 to the southeast, then the N17 to the south. A large car park is located east of the old town at the bastion of the baroque fortress.

Highlights :

  •  The Great Market Square in Zamość along with the entire Old Town, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List , From the very beginning, the Market Square was the meeting place and the city’s public life. However, among all the beautiful tenement houses surrounding the square, several are distinguished by their special beauty. They are very colorful Armenian tenement houses. Richly decorated with stucco and parapets.
  •  Town Hall in Zamość : A distinctive architectural feature of the building is the clock tower. It rises to a height of 52 meters. It once served as an observation point. As in Krakow, we can hear the bugle call played here every summer at 12.00. On the other hand, wonderful fan-shaped stairs lead to the entrance. It houses, among others, the Tourist Information Center,
  •  Renaissance tenement houses – Armenian houses : Each of the market tenement houses has its own rich and interesting history. Four of them – the so-called Armenian tenement houses hide the Zamość Museum in their interiors. These are the most beautiful tenement houses in the main square, colorful, richly decorated, with attics.The tenement houses of the northern frontage of the market formerly belonged to Armenian merchants. Currently, four of them house the interesting Zamość Museum.
  •  the Great Market Square in Zamość, there is the City Park, where we can see some of the historic fortifications.There are many buildings in tenement houses, incl. cultural (the Zamość Museum, the Museum of Road and Bridge Technology of the Lublin District, the Bureau of Art Exhibitions – Zamojska Gallery, the “Ratusz” Photo Gallery), commercial (shops, bookstores, souvenirs), gastronomic (in summer there are additional gardens with umbrellas).
  •  there are also public holidays, numerous cultural, entertainment and spectacular events, incl. Hetman’s Fair, selected performances of the Zamość Theater Summer and various exhibitions, concerts, conventions and shows. The Great Market Square is closed to car traffic.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Trips at  the streets and alleys of Zamość / a walk, we can admire the Great Market Square with the town hall and tenement houses, a beautifully restored cathedral or magnificent defensive walls, bastions.

Go next : The Renaissance cathedral in Zamość / Zamość Synagogue from 1618 is one of the best examples of Polish Renaissance architecture / 7th Bastion of the Fortress – The only fully preserved bastion.

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